The Raptor's Wings

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The Raptor's Wings


Start Date

26 April 2020

End Date

30 May 2020



Winning Task Force

Task Force 93

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The Raptor's Wings was the first Bravo Fleet Fleet Action which ran from 26 April 2020 until 30 May 2020. It was launched in coordination with the restructure of Bravo Fleet on 24 April 2020 as well as the new canon shift from 2389 to 2399 with the launch of Star Trek: Picard.

The Raptor's Wings consisted of three phases and was primarily based around the growing humanitarian crisis in Romulan space.

The Story

The year is 2399 and Starfleet is beginning to branch out into the galaxy again led by the illustrious Fourth Fleet, codenamed “Bravo Fleet”. Bravo Fleet operates several task forces all throughout the galaxy, but galactic politics have been focused on the Romulans for over a decade. Following the Romulan supernova which destroyed the twin worlds of Romulus and Remus, the former Romulan Star Empire collapsed, leaving the Romulan people fractured and broken. Within Romulan space exists three main factions:

  • The Romulan Free State, backed and defended by the Tal Shiar. They also possess and largely operate out of the former Borg cube known simply as “the Artifact”.
  • The Romulan Star Empire, still clinging to life with support of the bulk of the former Romulan Star Navy, are operating largely the same ships from a decade previous, and led by the same praetor who was running the Star Empire during the supernova a decade prior. The Romulan Star Empire operates out of Rator III.
  • The Romulan Republic, supported by a democratic ideological shift, and led by former members of the Romulan-Vulcan Reunification Movement. The Romulan Republic is defended by a smaller portion of the former Romulan Star Navy, who operate mostly newer, smaller ships that take a direct design lineage from the past. This is the preferred faction of the Federation. The Romulan Republic operates out of New Romulus.

Within Romulan space, in between the big three factions vying for domination of Romulan space, are minor drug lords, crime bosses, and self-anointed mini-emperors. Some of these are tolerated, some embraced, and some battling with the three larger factions depending on the situation.

Officially the Federation does not recognize any of the three main Romulan factions as the head Romulan state; however, the Federation is not shy in its embrace and preference of the Romulan Republic, but does “embrace” all 3 factions in some type of working relationship.

Individual Winners

The top 3 individual winners of The Raptor's Wings were:

  1. rippy
  2. Gally
  3. Slagar

Task Force Placements

  1. Task Force 93
  2. Task Force 38
  3. Task Force 72
  4. Task Force 25