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Biographical Information
Place of Origin Vulcan
Species Vulcan
Gender Female
Date of Birth Stardate 2300.10
Age 100
Career Information


Rank Admiral

Starbase 38


Commanding Officer


Admiral Vailis is the current commanding officer of Starbase 38 and the director of the Delta Exploration Initiative, which makes her the most senior Federation official concerning policy regarding the Delta Quadrant. She has an extensive service record of commanding vessels and stations since the 2360s.


Vailis is an excellent listener and tends to be a woman of few words. She has learned in her long career that it is always better to have all of the available information in front of her before deciding on anything. Her leadership style prefers allowing talented subordinates to do their jobs with as little micromanaging as possible, and she avoids meddling in the affairs of captains in her sector.

Recent Events

Vailis assumed command of Starbase 38 in late 2400, just a few days before her 100th birthday. In this role, she also took charge of the Delta Exploration Initiative. As chance would have it, the Blood Dilithium crisis erupted within her first month in command. Following standard protocols in a situation where the potential for galaxy-wide ramifications and the need for extensive tactical interventions were necessary,, she took a back seat in responding to this crisis, deferring to Fourth Fleet Command. During the crisis itself, she focused on shoring up Starbase 38's defenses and redistributing ships to cover patrol routes vacated by ships assigned on an emergency basis to the Delta Quadrant.

Vailis In-Play

  • Vailis’s authority extends to the ships in the Barzan sector and those passing through to the Delta Quadrant, so she is a possible source of orders to ships of the Fourth Fleet assigned there. As a fleet-level NPC, you may use her in your stories as long as you do not alter her personality or history—or kill her.
  • Typically, orders would pass from her through Fourth Fleet Operations and then through a Task Force Commanding Officer before getting to a starship captain. Still, exigent circumstances—emergencies, e.g.—might allow her to interact directly with your characters.
  • Vailis is a taciturn person who prefers to listen to others thoroughly before adding any comments. Her tendency to think things through may make her appear like she isn’t paying attention or is bored, but this couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2321-2325 Engineering and Physics Cadet Starfleet Academy Cadet
2325-2334 Structural Systems Engineer USS Repulse Ensign
2329-2335 Head of Structural Systems Engineering USS Repulse Lieutenant Junior Grade
2335-2345 Assistant Chief Engineering Officer USS Aries Lieutenant
2345-2347 Chief Engineering Officer USS Adelphi Lieutenant Commander
2347-2360 Executive Officer USS Adelphi Commander
2360-2367 Commanding Officer USS James B. Webb Captain
2367-2374 Commanding Officer USS Maltise Captain
2374-2380 Commanding Officer USS Taurus Captain
2380-2383 Commanding Officer Starbase 219 Captain
2383-2389 Commanding Officer Starbase 219 Fleet Captain
2389-2393 Commanding Officer Starbase 11 Commodore
2393-2396 Commanding Officer Starbase 19 Rear Admiral
2396-2400 Commanding Officer Starbase 19 Vice Admiral
2400-Present Commanding Officer Starbase 38 Admiral
2400-Present Director Delta Exploration Initiative Admiral