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Biographical Information


All fields, if not assigned values, will not render in the infobox. Physical Description and Career Information headers will not render without at least one of the appropriate fields having information.

Fullname exists to allow for a character to have an excessively long name in full with a more short handed version displayed in the title of the infobox.

| image = 
| name = First and last name ideally
| fullname = Go buck crazy, show all those middle names and lordly titles
| placeoforigin = 
| species = 
| gender = 
| dateofbirth = 
| dateofdeath = 
| age = 
| height = 
| weight = 
| hair = 
| eyes = 
| affiliation = Government or organisation they work for or are part of. Link if you can for beautiful cross-linking.
| rank = Where to they stand in their group
| posting = Where are they currently working ie Peace Moon, Starbase Kickass, Subspace Radar Station Alaska
| position = What are they doing there ie Commanding Officer, Lord High Inquisitor, Tea-lady


Old Lady Higgins
Biographical Information
Full Name Old Lady Gertrude Higgins
Place of Origin Starbase Kickass
Species Old Lady
Gender Female
Date of Birth Big Bang
Age Eternal
Physical Description
Height 1.65m
Weight Don't you date ask
Hair Grey
Eyes Hazel
Career Information

She's a strong independent woman

Rank Grandma to all

Starbase Kickass' only knitting shop


Not too old to give you a good smacking sonny


The following code generates the infobox to the right.

| image = 
| name = Old Lady Higgins
| fullname = Old Lady Gertrude Wilhemina Higgins
| placeoforigin = Starbase Kickass
| species = Old Lady
| gender = Female
| dateofbirth = Big Bang
| dateofdeath = 
| age = Eternal
| height = 1.65m
| weight = Don't you date ask
| hair = Grey
| eyes = Hazel
| affiliation = She's a strong independent woman
| rank = Grandma to all
| posting = Starbase Kickass' only knitting shop
| position = Not too old to give you a good smacking sonny