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"Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known."
    —Carl Sagan - Ship's Dedication Quote

The USS Themis (NCC-76554) is a Ross-class starship that is assigned to the Odyssey Squadron to assist in the exploration of the Delta Quadrant. Led by former crewmembers of the USS Odyssey, the Themis’ job will be to re-explore what the USS Voyager had once mapped during its incredible seven-year journey home in the distant dangerous quadrant. Named from a Greek goddess, the daughter of Uranus (Heaven) and Gaia (Earth). Themis was the personification of order and justice, who convened the assembly of the gods. Command of the ship was transferred to Captain Cambil Bexa, the former first officer of the USS Odyssey.

Design and Layout

The Themis is a typical Ross-class ship that has been in service since 2383 which has received numerous upgrades for over seventeen years now. Ahead of her first major refit, Starfleet placed the Themis at Starbase 38 and had her outfitted to conduct its biggest mission since it was launched. The ship would receive updates and a massive overhaul so it could perform exceptionally in the Delta Quadrant.

Taking a page from her previous commanding officer's book, Captain Cambil only agreed to her new assignment if she could bring her family with her, so she was keen to ensure that the ship was safe enough to carry families.

Another update that Starfleet issued to the ship during its first refit was a massive overhaul of its huge hanger bay to allow for rapid deployment and retrieval of the Starfighter squadron that would be assigned to it. Taking lessons learnt from other Inquiry-class ships and the Typhon-class, the Themis is able to launch its entire squadron in a manner of seconds.

Further updates to the ship included additional industrial replicators and areas designated for the holding of important parts and resources needed to maintain not just the ship but the entire squadron. A huge area of the ship has been designated as an airponics bay, allowing the ship to grow its own fruit and vegetables to reduce the need for so much of the ship's energy on food replicators. The ship also hosts two automated refineries, one for dilithium and the other for deuterium. Again, allowing for reserves to be stored for the fleet to depend on.

Bridge, Deck One

The bridge of the USS Themis.

A hybrid of the bridge design for the Galaxy-class and Sovereign-class starships, the main bridge on the Themis is functional and purposeful.

Like all Starfleet bridge designs, the captain's chair sits in the centre. To its right, the secondary command chair is reserved for the first officer, while to the left is the tertiary command chair. Normally occupied by another senior officer, normally the ship's chief counsellor or mission advisor. While at the front of the bridge is the helm to the left and the operations station to the right. Circling the bridge to the port side are three science stations while on the starboard side is Engineering and Missions Ops I and II. Behind the command circle is the primary tactical and security station. Behind it is the MSD.

The bridge has six ways of access. From clockwise from the forward bulkhead (that contained the main viewscreen), a small alcove on the starboard side was the emergency turbolift to the battle bridge and main engineering on the stardrive section and access to a small head. Moving around to the rear of the bridge is the entrance to a small corridor that leads to the large observation lounge. The other rear door led to turbolift one. Continuing around, the fifth door leads to the ready room while the final one goes to turbolif two.

Ready Room, Deck One

The Themis' ready room in the 2390s.

Carrying on in sharing the layout from its Galaxy-class cousins, the Themis has the main ready room in the same location ( port of the main bridge, beside the forward-port turbolift). However, the internal arrangement of the ready room is quite different. Though made slightly bit bigger, the ready room's layout has allowed for the captain to host more visitors. On the left, after entrance, is a standard food replicator, followed by a small curved alcove where the captain's desk sits. Normally, one or two chairs are placed in front of it. Behind the desk is a small shelf, where the captain can place personal items (e.g. books, ornaments, knick-knacks, etc.), as well as two computer interfaces. Along the same wall, a doorway leads into a small bathroom, which provides the occupier further privacy. The normal tall and slim window has been replaced by a wider viewport, which has a curved corner sofa placed underneath it. Along the opposite wall, another window is located before another, smaller table is located. This is normally used by senior staff when meeting with the captain. Originally when the ship was built, a holographic communications device was installed into the floor to assist with subspace communication, but with recent upgrades in holography, this has been removed. The room's holo-projectors, that are used for holographic displays and the ship's Emergency Holographic Systems, are also used for when the captain wishes to use the same system to communicate with others.

A massive painting of the Themis hangs to the right of the door way.

Specific Technical Information

Emergency Holographic Programs

Like so many other ships in the fleet, the Themis was installed with a range of holographic crewmembers to assist in emergency situations. When an entirely new system was installed in 2400, Captain Cambil had the appearance of each hologram altered to make them look Bajorans

  • Emergency Command Hologram:
    • Taban (Male)
  • Emergency Medical Hologram:
    • Korena (Female)
  • Emergency Engineering Team:
    • Rahl (Female)
    • Antos (Male)
    • Wilkarah (Female)


Located on the lower decks of the Themis, as part of the ship's major refit in 2400, the ship has a fully functioning automated set of refineries. When the ship encounters raw deuterium or dilithium (or other vital substances), the refineries can be brought online to assist in manufacturing the resource to be something that is viable for the ship or the rest of the squadron.

Support Craft

With three shuttlebays, the Themis has had her hanger bays retrofitted to the latest standards. The main one is assigned to twelve Valkyrie-class fighters. Named the Justice Expeditionary Wing, the twelve fighters are only launched when the ship (or the squadron) require extra fire power during a conflict.

Due to the incorporation of the starfighters among the auxiliary ships assigned to the Themis, the number of shuttles assigned to it has been greatly reduced. Brand new shuttles and runabouts were assigned to the Themis in 2400, all of them take names from locations on Bajor.



Launched in 2383, the Themis was assigned to regular patrols along the Federation border under the command of Captain Kamzo, a Saurian officer. Being his first command, Kamzo and his crew were assigned to the ship for over seventeen years before Starfleet made the decision to assign the vessel to the Delta Exploration Initiative. It was decided though that the ship would receive its refit ahead of the expected cycle of twenty years. The vessel docked at Starbase 38 for its overhaul, but while there the crew were reassigned to a new ship (a Vesta-class vessel) and assist with Starfleet operations responding to the Century Storm. Later on the same crew were assigned to humanitarian efforts when the Star Empire of Rator collapsed and the Velorum Sector declared its independence. Without a crew or ship, Fourth Fleet Operations started to search for a new crew and captain. Eventually an appropriate candidate to take command was picked, Captain Cambil Bexa. For the rest of the year, Cambil assembled her crew and oversaw the refit. Eventually at the end of the year command was officially handed over to her in a short ceremony.


Command Staff

  • Commanding Officer:
  • Executive Officer:
  • Second Executive Officer:
    • Lieutenant Commander Corri (Benzite Female) (2383-2386)
    • Lieutenant Commander/Commander Tiasea Haslo (Bolian Female) (2386-2400)
    • Lieutenant Commander T'Rani (Vulcan Female) (2400+)
  • Third Executive Officer:

Senior Staff/Department Heads

  • Chief Flight Control Officer:
    • Ensign/Lieutenant Junior Grade/Lieutenant Crerr (Caitian Male) (2383-2400)
    • Lieutenant Commander T'Rani (Vulcan Female) (2400+)
  • Chief Science Officer:
    • Lieutenant/Lieutenant Commander/Commander Tiasea Haslo (Bolian Female) (2383-2400)
    • Lieutenant Commander Abbej (Boslic Female) (2400+)
  • Chief Medical Officer
    • Lieutenant Commander/Commander Vogun glov Zunsh (Tellarite Female) (2383-2400)
    • Lieutenant Remi Forbes (Human Male) (2400+)
  • Chief Counsellor:
    • Lieutenant Commander Deanime Ebraali (Betazoid Female) (2383-2400)
    • Lieutenant Commander Samris (Romulan Male) (2400+)
  • Chief Engineer:
    • Lieutenant/Lieutenant Commander Bynaav Ch'vyrhor (Andorian Male) (2383-2400)
    • Lieutenant Commander Trev Brashlend (Tellarite Male) (2400+)
  • Chief Operations Officer:
    • Lieutenant Junior Grade/Lieutenant/Lieutenant Commander Neliar Rumux (Trill Male) (2383-2400)
    • Lieutenant Decter Jines (Rutian Male) (2400+)
  • Chief Security & Tactical Officer
    • Lieutenant Commander Corri (Benzite Female) (2383-2386)
    • Lieutenant/Lieutenant Commander Paine Natec (Bajoran Male) (2386-2400)
    • Lieutenant Commander Cline Lenjir (Tiburonian Male) (2400+)