USS Liberty

From Bravo Fleet

USS Liberty (NCC-92913) is a Sagan-class light explorer commanded by Captain Taviel Daragon. Assigned to Sirius Squadron, her primary duty is deep space exploration beyond the Federation’s Beta Quadrant frontier. Based out of the squadron’s headquarters, Gateway Station, Liberty ventures into former Romulan Star Empire territory within the Midgard Sector and beyond. There, even missions close to home are shrouded in mystery and challenge, with Starfleet only now able to enter these vast swathes of space mere light-years from the border. Exploring the remnants of the fallen Empire, Liberty faces new challenges every day as she charts, surveys, and analyses the region. More often than not, she operates independently from her squadron, though can conduct cutting edge reconnaissance operations and scientific evaluation and provide critical tactical support should the formation be deployed in its entirety.

Notable Crew

Commanding Officer