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The Midgard Sector lies in the Beta Quadrant, stretching across the borders of Federation and Romulan Republic space and extending into the collapsed Romulan Neutral Zone and the former territories of the Star Empire of Rator. Historically, it was a tense but quiet border between the UFP and the Old Romulan Star Empire until the Romulan Supernova and a site of militarised defence and surveillance networks on both sides. Now, with the old borders collapsed and new factions arising, it is a volatile region of independent systems with an uncertain future. Fledgling cooperation between Starfleet and the Republic seeks to maintain local stability, and both governments seek to support those left behind after Rator's withdrawal from the area.

Starfleet operations in the region are based out of Starbase 23. This includes not only their humanitarian and diplomatic operations, but their fledgling plans to launch exploration missions into former Romulan territory, a complex long-term undertaking named 'Project Horizon.' Most of these regional operations are overseen by Sirius Squadron, which headquarters at SB-23.


The sector was first mapped by Earth Starfleet during the Romulan War, and upon the conflict's end, many systems were assigned to the Neutral Zone. As such, the Federation side of the border is extremely well-surveyed by Starfleet due to both the impossibility of expansion beyond the Neutral Zone and the need for border defence. Most regional infrastructure for two centuries consisted of surveillance and guard outposts, though by the late 22nd century, the Midgard system had been settled as a human colony. With the taut peace between the Federation and Romulans never outright breaking, the sector changed very little for those two hundred years.

Its infrastructure meant that the area was wholly unprepared for the Romulan supernova. When the Federation offered the Empire aid, their facilities in Midgard were unsuited to supporting humanitarian or evacuation efforts. Locals at the Midgard colony vociferously resisted receiving any refugees, so a system in the collapsing Neutral Zone, Teros, was chosen for the nearest Relocation Hub. The withdrawal of Federation aid after the Attack on Mars was popular with those citizens, and the closing-off of borders returned the region for over a decade to the same suspicious, territorial mentality that had defined it for two centuries.

By the time Starfleet began to look beyond its borders again in 2399, the only major change was the construction of a new Starbase 23, which had originally existed as a guard outpost. Its successor, eventually designated Gateway Station, was intended continue in and expand border defence systems. This changed with the collapse of the Star Empire of Rator in 2400, which plunged the Romulan side of the border from relative, paranoid stability into chaos. Now the Federation and Republic bordered not only the volatile remains of the Neutral Zone but a series of worlds and facilities no longer under Rator's rule, rendered suddenly and brutally independent.

The Federation judged that they had a moral obligation to help now where they had failed the Romulan people before and saw this as an opportunity to build closer bonds in their fledgling alliance with the Republic. SB-23 was redesignated 'Gateway Station,' now rendered the threshold guardian to this unstable region. The former territories of Rator have no single ruler, and many of their worlds were reliant on the Empire's infrastructure for their needs. Starfleet now deems it essential the region not fall into chaotic in-fighting, desperate impoverishment, or under the sway of opportunistic criminal enterprises or a would-be Romulan warlord. On this matter, they and the Republic are of one mind.

Notable Locations

The Midgard Sector (click for a larger version)


  • Gateway Station (SB-23) - The centre of Federation operations in the region. From this facility in the Midgard system, Starfleet bases and launches all of its humanitarian, border defence, diplomatic, and exploratory missions.
  • Midgard System - Stood on the border, the system has been the site of Starfleet border defence infrastructure for two and a half centuries. Its primary colony on Midgard III, also known as Alfheim, is one of the oldest in the Federation and home to a hardy people who have spent generations watching the border with suspicion. There is no sign of this mentality yet changing with the times.

Romulan Republic

  • Unroth - This system has passed between Klingon and Romulan hands over the centuries. It now lies within the Republic and is its most populous trade port near the Federation border.
  • Nemus Station - Once a long-range surveillance post for the Star Empire, Nemus Station has been reconfigured by the Republic as a border outpost. It is the closest its navy has to a headquarters in this sector.

Independent Territories

  • Synnef Nebula - A Class 11 Nebula on the border between the Federation, Republic, and the former territories of Rator, the sensor-obfuscating qualities of the Synnef Nebula make it a serious security concern for local governments, and a prime opportunity for any smugglers, criminals, or simply loners wishing to avoid their eyes.
    • Sot Thryfar - A star system at the nebula's periphery, the Republic reports it as a haven for these opportunists.
Sanctuary District A, Teros IV
  • Scarix - The star officially designated HD 168746-Gamma lies in the former Neutral Zone. It is highly rich in mineral deposits and, for the last five years, has been the home of the Scarix Facility, a vast mining and processing network spanning the system under the ownership of the Federation-registered company Dyke Logistics.
  • Teros - Once an uninhabited system of the Neutral Zone, Teros is now the home of a Romulan Relocation Hub built by the Federation for evacuees before the supernova. Starfleet withdrew support after the Attack on Mars, and the residents of Teros have eked out a difficult existence ever since.
  • Koperion and Lockney - Systems of the collapsed Neutral Zone, Starfleet Science has designated them as Priority 1 for upcoming survey missions.
  • Vadfall - An old border world of the RSE with massive cities and huge populations. Little has been heard of its residents since Rator's withdrawal.
  • Rho Detara - Once an RSE system, the indigenous Elkari species have secured control of the inhabited worlds. No longer vassals, they have accepted only limited aid from Starfleet in harnessing the abandoned imperial infrastructure that could let them master their new independence.
  • Rencaris - A former RSE system that has been relatively self-sufficient since Rator's withdrawal. The Republic reports the Romulan inhabitants have reached out with offers of trade but so far have guarded their independence jealously.