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This article is official Bravo Fleet canon.Starfleet

USS Constantinople



Steamrunner Class

Date Commissioned:





Light Cruiser


Alpha Quadrant




Admiral Sorac Dunar


The USS Constantinople was the flagship of Admiral Sorac Dunar.


Launched in 2376 from the Andor Prime Shipyards the Constantinople completed her shakedown cruise in early 2377. Following this she was assigned to Task Force 86 where a young Bajoran Commander, Sorac Dunar, was placed as her CO. Shortly thereafter the Constantinople was reassigned to Task Force 93 where it was refit with additional science labs and newer sensor arrays. The Constantinople was eventually assigned to Task Force 72 where which is where she came to fame. Then Rear Admiral Sorac was the ranking member of the Task Force when Admiral Frank Anon was lost with all hands of his flag ship. Sorac took command the Task Force and salvaged what remained, re-branding it S.E.N.T.I.N.A.L., the ships of TF72 distinguished themselves in missions throughout the fringe of the Federation.

Sorac Dunar while original feeling the class too combat focused recommended several refits to the class over his career. The 'Consty' as her crew was fond of calling her saw many upgrades to it's science, diplomatic, and engineering facilities. Much of these were at the expense of some of her more military functions, but these changed the class from an Attack Frigate to a Light Cruiser, which was more in line with Starfleet ideals at the time.

The Constantinople saw major action against the remnants of the Cardassian "True Way" movement. It also participated in the Deltan Peace Accords of 2381, and the Borg transwarp incident of 2383.

It was early during these events that a Cardasisan assassin targeted the ships helmsman, and caused severe damage to ships sickbay killing her CMO and nearly destroying her EMH MkI. Stranded with a growing list of wounded the Constantinople crew struggled to restore their EMH. They final managed to restore it by substituting several subroutines from the crews own holoprograms. The appearance and personality were an adjustment of the then XO, Commander Scott Hancock's, Klingon battle readiness program. This new Klingon EMH proved capable although somewhat gruff combat medic. The Klingon EMH became a sort of mascot for the crew and they rallied around the program during the phase out of the Mk I EMH Program. The Klingon EMH was eventually granted the Sentience status of Voyagers EMH, and having taken the name Chozar, still serves with Admiral To this day.

Admiral Sorac eventually relinquished command of the Constantinople when he was assigned to Command StarBase 99 in the Canterra Sector. After many years of service on SB99 the stars once again called to him. He now resides aboard the USS Bariel Antos, a Bajoran built Ambassador Class starship named for Vedek Bariel Antos, one of Kai Winn's first victims in her war of the Pagh Wraiths.

Currently the USS Constantinople is assigned to Starbase 400 where she has come to be known as the 'Nople' by her new crew.

OOC Note

The USS Constantinople is considered a retired designation. Such honors have been reserved for retired Bravo Fleet Commanding Officers. Future simulations in Bravo Fleet may not carry the name save for Admiral Sonar, should he return to the fleet.