Task Force

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A Task Force is the primary organizational unit of Bravo Fleet. All members in Bravo Fleet are housed in one of the Task Forces. Each Task Force is headed by a Task Force Commanding Officer who oversees the operations of the Task Force and is part of Bravo Fleet Command.

Current Task Forces


Task Force 17: Deep Space Operations

Task Force 17 conducts deep space exploratory and diplomatic missions far beyond Federation borders, in challenging, distant corners of the galaxy such as the Delta and Gamma Quadrants. They are specialists in long-term operations with little support from Starfleet infrastructure.


Task Force 72: Diplomacy & Peacekeeping

Based out of Starbase 72, close to the Cardassian border, Task Force 72’s ships are at the forefront of diplomatic intervention and peacekeeping. Their duties focus on engagement with political powers in volatile regions, ensuring stability between major governments, and the protection of local populaces.


Task Force 86: Border Defense & Counterinsurgency

Based out of Starbase 86 and bordering the unclaimed Triangle region of the Beta Quadrant, Task Force 86 has a mandate of maintaining local stability and security. They operate in regions beset by insurgency or criminal forces, primarily through cooperation and support of local governments and civilian populations.


Task Force 93: Humanatarian Operations

Based out of Devron Fleet Yards on the border to the old Romulan Neutral Zone, Task Force 93 is tasked with providing humanitarian support and protection to struggling regions of the galaxy. While this includes protection from predatory factions, Task Force 93 aids worlds devastated by natural disasters or violence, and treats with local and major powers to coordinate this assistance.

Former Task Forces

Bravo Fleet has had 15 task forces in its history, though never that many at any one time. Generally speaking, task forces were themed based on an area of operations until moving to concept-based themes in 2020, meaning that stories were no longer restricted by any particular area in the galaxy. Records on some former task forces have been lost, but this section represents what we know:

As of 2020, Task Forces 9, 21, 25, 38, 44, 47, 58, and 64 are carried on in spirit by task groups of the same number:

  • Task Groups 9 and 38 make up Task Force 17.
  • Task Groups 21 and 47 make up Task Force 72.
  • Task Groups 25 and 64 make up Task Force 86.
  • Task Groups 44 and 58 make up Task Force 93.