Task Force 9

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This article is official Task Force 9 canon.

This article is official Bravo Fleet canon.

Task Force 9 was a forward-deployed unit of the Fourth Fleet assigned to frontier exploration and colonial support operations. Specifically, Task Force 9 surveys regions of space close to Federation territory to identify sites for new colonies, outposts, and resourcing operations, while also identifying and mitigating threats to the Federation's most distant and vulnerable assets. It was closed in 2399.


  • Explore within and near to Federation space on its frontiers to locate new sites for colonies and other outposts.
  • Expand the Federation’s diplomatic reach to secure additional allies, protectorates, and member worlds near its frontiers.
  • Reinforce and construct additional stations, starbases, outposts, and other defensive assets.

Current State of Affairs

The Task Force has been closed as the 4th Fleet streamlined its operations.

In addition to its member worlds, the Federation has thousands of colonies, minor space stations, and border outposts. Normally, local Starfleet forces operating in each sector provide the large amount of the support necessary to maintain these assets. For a time, Task Force 9 stepped in to provide support for the newest and most vulnerable Federation colonies. It was also tasked with important construction projects along the frontier to support other frontline forces.