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Task Force 9
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Coreward Alpha Quadrant


Guardians of the Gate

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  • Defend Federation and unaffiliated planets from Breen and Tzenkethi forces in the Northwest quarter of Federation space.
  • Expand the Federation’s diplomatic reach to secure additional allies, protectorates, and member worlds between Federation, Ferengi, and Breen space.
  • Reinforce and construct additional stations, starbases, outposts, and other defensive assets along the border to secure the Federation’s Delta Quadrant interests.
  • Promote peaceful scientific exploration in the areas within and beyond Federation space.

Current State of Affairs

Long-tasked as serving as a bulwark between the Federation and hostile powers, Task Force 9 has been charged with defending the Federation’s coreward borders with the Breen, the Tzenkethi, and the Kzinti in order to secure the strategically-important Barzan system and to put a stop to the ongoing raids against neutral worlds in the region. Through diplomacy, innovation, and exploration, Task Force 9 strives to expand Federation influence in a volatile region plagued by violence, despair, and chaos.

Where there has only been aggression, the Federation seeks to bear the olive branch and bring new worlds into the fold.

Where there has been only neglect, the Starfleet Corps of Engineers is building new border outposts and sophisticated defenses.

Where there has been only ignorance, Starfleet Science will shine a light on the mysteries of the Ionite Nebula and the unclaimed space beyond the border.

The Guardians of the Gate exist to protect the innocent and ensure a bright new future for the Federation and its exploratory efforts through the Barzan Wormhole.

Theater of Operations

Barzan Sector

The Barzan Sector is a region of space rimward of Ferengi space that includes the Ionite Nebula, neutral territory, and a number of Federation and non-aligned worlds including Barzan, Chrysalia, and Caldonia. This area is home to the Barzan Wormhole, which is the only known link between Federation space and the Delta Quadrant, which makes it an area of extreme strategic, economic, and political importance. While Task Force 38 is responsible for all exploratory aims beyond the wormhole, Task Force 9 is tasked with its safety. The Breen have recently begun passing through the Ionite Nebula, a labyrinthine gaseous region that is extremely difficult to navigate, which has put dozens of colonies at risk for raids. Starfleet Science is committing a wide variety of assets to map the ebbs and flows of the Ionite Nebula to determine how the Breen have been able to navigate it, while the Federation Diplomatic Corps has begun intensive negotiations with the Lurians who live within the nebula to see how they could be of assistance with if not outright stopping Breen raids, helping the Federation predict them, as well as softer outreach efforts to the Tzenkethi.

Deneb Sector

Home to the Deneb System, the Deneb Sector is located coreward of Ferengi space and shares an extensive border with the Breen. This area of space contains a number of vulnerable Federation colonies which have limited defenses, as well as the ignominious site of the abandoned Farpoint Station project on Deneb IV. To stop the raids along the coreward border, Starfleet Tactical Command and Starfleet Engineering have collaborated in an effort to vastly increase the number of outposts and sensor platforms along the Breen-Federation border to staunch the flow of Breen raiders through what is now a very porous border.

Izar Sector

The Izar Sector is located near the outer edge of the Federation’s coreward frontier, close to Breen and Kzinti space. Things in this area of space are calmer than those on the Breen border, but Starfleet must still keep a watchful eye out for pirates, raiders, and other malcontents coming from neutral areas beyond the Federation’s influence. Starfleet’s main priority in this region is to stage exploratory missions in a trailing coreward direction from Federation space.

Task Force History

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Signing of Treaty of Bajor.

Once ruthlessly dominated by the Dominion, the Gamma Quadrant was a place where personal freedoms and the pursuit of personal freedoms was just about unheard of. This all came to a change with the Dominion War. The multi-quadrant war resulted in the loss of hundreds of millions of lives and effectively served to break the Dominion's tight hold in the quadrant.

The instrument of surrender, the Treaty of Bajor, was signed on Deep Space 9 and the Dominion was forced back into the Gamma Quadrant and agreed to the concession of allowing the Federation to begin the exploration of the Quadrant.

In order to protect Federation interests in the sector Starfleet Command authorized the creation of a task force within the Gamma Quadrant. The logical choice Idran was quickly dismissed as it, being the terminus of the Bajoran Wormhole, could serve as a possible point of contention with local powers and claims of unrestricted access to the Alpha Quadrant. Thus, Task Force 9 was born.

Early exploration efforts were uneventful, aside from occasions whence Starfleet vessels and crews found themselves caught between the Dominion and minor Gamma Quadrant powers. Even though the Federation was welcomed by many, others saw the Federation as a threat. In response, The Consortium was slowly created as a measure to expel Starfleet from the Gamma Quadrant. In 2388, the Consortium staged a coup, taking over New Bajor and many powerful Task Force Starships in one fell swoop. Starfleet, with the aid of the Dominion, has removed the Consortium from power and has begun the arduous task of rebuilding the Task Force.

In 2399, Task Force 9's assets were shifted to their current stations along the Breen Border in response to an unproved attack on Starbase 38, which was rechristened Guardian Station.