Barzan System

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Federation Faction

The Barzan System is in Federation territory in the Alpha Quadrant, approximately 40 light-years from Sol in the direction of Ferengi space. The second planet in this system is home to the Barzans and governed by the Barzanian Planetary Republic.

In 2366, an unstable wormhole was discovered in the system. After many experiments and the development of anti-graviton stabilisation technology, in 2389 the wormhole was made stable enough to allow for the passage of starships to and from its apertures in the Delta Quadrant.

Since stabilisation of the Barzan Wormhole, the Barzan System has become a massive commercial hub in the Alpha Quadrant, in part thanks to its close proximity to Ferengi Alliance territory. Seeking a neutral trading hub with reliable legal dispute resolution mechanisms, the Barzanian Planetary Republic approached the Federation with a proposal to construct a starbase at the wormhole's mouth. Starbase 38 was duly completed in 2399, doubling as a sentinel guarding against incursions from hostile Delta Quadrant powers.