Repulse Squadron

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Repulse Squadron is a squadron formed in June of 2401 under the command of Commodore Cabot Shaw. Headquartered on Deep Space 19, the squadron reports directly to Fourth Fleet Operations outside of the typical Task Force structure. Repulse Squadron is a Rapid Response Team unit serving on the Federation frontier whose mission is localized disaster / emergency response and security service. the unit is composed of both dedicated and ad-Hoc elements. Vessels assigned to the unit still participate in the normal activities and requirements of their assignment or role in addition to the requirements associated with being part of the rapid response unit.

The flagship of Repulse Squadron is the USS Repulse.


The primary mandate of Repulse Squadron is to serve as a rapid response, multi-disciplinary unit that operates using incident command system principles and a unified command structure to respond to emergencies as needed. The squadron operates as a joint command entity whose mission is to provide elite sector and unit-based multi-discipline (often Ad-Hoc) rapid deployment quick response teams that are capable of responding to emergency situations and incidents as the initial response. Assigned ships must be ready to deploy quickly upon being alerted and must be able to sustain themselves for unsupported operations. At the individual ship level, assigned ships typically have a primary specialty or focus, but above the ship level units are multi-discipline.

Additionally, given their operations on the edge of Federation territory and in deep space, the squadron frequently responds to emergency or disaster situations that often involve first contact opportunities or non-aligned worlds on the frontier.


Repulse Squadron is composed of six starships:

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