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Starbase 38, also known as Guardian Station, sits at the mouth of the Barzan Wormhole, which connects the Alpha and Delta Quadrants. The first of the Guardian-class stations to be constructed, the facility is a vast, state of the art nexus of Starfleet operations and commerce in this region of space.


Initial efforts to stabilize the Barzan Wormhole were conducted in 2389 and Starfleet authorized the establishment of Deep Space 38 to monitor and continue stabilization efforts. Initially, an existing Jupiter-class station was moved to the system to serve as a temporary facility for this purpose while a permanent station was constructed. Recognizing the importance of this strategic location, the Guardian-class spacedock, a massive new design which had just been finalized for production, was selected and began construction in early 2390.

In 2395 upon the accession of the Barzan into the Federation, Deep Space 38 was designated Starbase 38. Construction on the permanent Guardian-class station proceeded over most of the 2390s and the new station entered service in 2399 under the command of Rear Admiral Thomas Belvedere. Home to Task Force 38 and later to Task Force 9, this station quickly became a hub of interstellar politics and trade. The Jupiter-class station was redesignated Research Station 380 and relocated to the far side of the system to serve as a secure lab for investigating items brought back from the Delta Quadrant.

In early 2399, the Barzan system was attacked by the Breen, in a raid that destroyed several starships and resulted in the death of Vice Admiral Jonathan Knox. Since then, Starfleet has deployed additional defense platforms around the station and maintains a heavy patrol presence.

Starbase 38 In-Play

  • Starbase 38 is identical to Starbase Bravo in every respect, so you will find the information on that station useful for any stories set here.
  • While DS9 is an old, small facility, SB38 is a massive and brand-new structure, with very sophisticated defenses and other systems. It is a shining city in space, and lacks any sort of underworld or seedy underbelly.
  • Each time the wormhole opens, it is standard protocol for SB38 to go to yellow alert, and in the event of a Borg or Voth incursion, there are standing orders for the station to destroy the wormhole by inverting the verteron array's output.