Fourth Fleet Expeditionary Group

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Fourth Fleet Expeditionary Group

Starbase Bravo

Primary Mission

Multi-Mission Response Force


Commodore Uzoma Ekwueme

The Fourth Fleet Expeditionary Group is the Fourth Fleet's designated elite multi-mission response force, with a collection of starships meant to be able to quickly and effectively handle the fleet's most delicate and time-sensitive missions, wherever they are in the galaxy. These ships are assigned to the Fourth Fleet but not to a particular task force, and undertake a wide variety of missions across the galaxy that don't necessarily fit neatly into the mandate of one of the fleet's other units. Ships in the expeditionary group take their orders individually from Fourth Fleet Command through the Chief of Fourth Fleet Operations, generally getting assignments that require some combination of discretion and special capabilities.

Active Starships

The Expeditionary Group may be composed of an unlimited number of starships drawn from those assigned to the Fourth Fleet, though presently numbers around two-dozen starships of various classes, each with a specialized role within the Fleet. Presently, the Expeditionary Group operates in the Alpha, Beta, and Delta Quadrants.

Open Commands

Main Article: Avalon Fleet Yards

The primary fleet yard used by the Fourth Fleet is Avalon Fleet Yards, where major construction and repair of Fourth Fleet starships occurs. There are a number of vessels there in the late stage of refits that are being prepared to serve in the Expeditionary Group, pending the assignment of new commanding officers.

The Expeditionary Group In-Play

  • In Bravo Fleet, RPGs are not housed within our Task Forces. They operate independently, which allows them to adapt their premise as necessary to explore the full width and breadth of the Star Trek universe.
  • These ships would never operate as a single unit; it's just the designation for independent vessels that report directly to the Chief of Fleet Operations.
  • In some ways the entire Fourth Fleet is an elite unit, but the ships of the Expeditionary Group are meant to undertake particularly important or dangerous missions. That isn't to say that RPGs can't or won't be based on smaller, less-capable starships, but what makes these ships different in character is that they are taking their orders directly from Fourth Fleet Command, and so are generally tasked with handling things that need to be done with high priority.