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USS Columbia



Galaxy Class



Assigned TF:

Task Force 72




Alpha Quadrant




VADM Bradley J. Harrison


The USS Columbia (NCC-75768) was a Galaxy Class Federation starship launched in 2386 under the command of Vice Admiral Bradley J. Harrison. The USS Columbia's focus was on the ongoing area that borders not only the Federation, but the Breen and the Cardassian. The vessel is noted for previously being assigned to Task Force 47 and the Gavarian Frontier under the skillful command of Fleet Captain Jarel Erice.

Ship History

The USS Columbia, and its three prior commands have all been under the command of the same Commanding Officer, Bradley J. Harrison, however there have been five Executive Officers in the same period of time, with two of those Executive Officers having retired from active service; one of which retired following her marriage to Bradley, with another two having been promoted by Starfleet to a Commanding Officer position and the most recent Executive Officer having lost his commission following a court-martial.

The First Command

The Columbia crew began as the Sovereign-class USS Gladiator which was then assigned to the Ninth Fleet and the borders near the Romulan and Klingon borders. The crew began arriving at Utopia Planetia and began to get to now each other before heading out on their first mission; and following the command ceremony with newly appointed Commanding Officer; Lieutenant Commander Bradley J. Harrison and Executive Officer, Lieutenant Commander Jack Callahan. Following the ceremony; the crew had been given their new assignment, however, it was to head near the Cardassian border to find the USS Sapphire, which happened to also be Lieutenant Commander Harrison's last tour of duty, as it had seemed that they stumbled on a new briar patch and had been caught in a firefight with a cardassian ship who wanted a special computer core that the Sapphire was testing, however, the Gladiator's orders were to either retrieve the computer core or destroy the ship; and following a raid on the ship by the Cardassians which killed a majority of the crew including the Commanding Officer; the Gladiator opted to destroy the ship with the Cardassians still onboard. This decision was seen as the only thing that could be done, yet there were some senior staff who were upset about it, especially on their first mission that Lieutenant Commander Callahan requested that the Gladiator head to Risa for some shoreleave.

Following the rest at Risa; the Gladiator crew had new orders to head to the Romulan Neutral Zone, and in particular the federation outpost of Tiropa IV. They were sent there to re-supply the colony before there long winter, which lasts 4 years. This gave the crew a chance to see how colonists live and work, as well as being the crew's first forte near the Romulan Neutral Zone. The mission was going to plan until the Romulans appeared and started firing upon the colony, and started causing major damage that was beyond repair. However, the crew found out through sensors, as the Gladiator was in orbit on the other side of the planet was that it was a stolen Romulan Warbird and that Captain Michael Fletcher was onboard and responsible for stealing the warbird and was trying to kill Bradley, having been brought down by Bradley back when he was on the USS Rutledge; a moment that made Captain Fletcher's career a disgrace. Bradley took matters into his own hands and stole a shuttle from the base and infiltrated the warbird and almost killed Captain Fletcher however his crew were lucky enough to have anticipated the personal attack that they were there to stop him. They took Captain Fletcher into custody and returned the warbird to Romulus before heading out of Romulan space and to Starbase Protector for some rest and to hand Captain Fletcher over to the authorities.

Arriving at Starbase Protector to transfer Captain Fletcher to the Judge-Adovcate General; the Gladiator crew decided to take some time at Starbase Protector during Federation Day celebrations, and enjoy the festivities, after which the Gladiator was sent on a normal patrol of the Neutral Zone; especially after the Captain Fletcher incident; and the patrol was going smoothly until a large whit light engulfed the ship and sent the crew spiralling out of control before they stopped and found themselves in the year 1999, on New Year's Eve. The crew started going through plans to end up staying, and trying to hide from civilisation however, just prior to the fireworks of the new millennium, the Gladiator was mysteriously found back in the Alpha Quadrant and some seven months missing from radar and searches; having been found by the USS Thunderbird. They even missed the notice that the Gladiator was to be refitted to new specifications and the entire crew was to be transferred to a new ship for a short period, to which they headed to Starbase Typhoon. The crew found out that there next assignment would be on the USS Missouri, an Intrepid-class starship.

Second Time Around

The USS Missouri, was the ship that the crew were assigned to, and it was planned to be only one year; so the crew already knew that they would be leaving the ship. This also came at the same time as Bradley Harrison's promotion to Commander, and the reassignment of his Executive Officer; who was accepted to his own command. The reason was that the entire crew were being given a newly constructed ship; however, it was still being built so rather than split them up and then rebuild the crew; they would be reassigned and then a year later reassigned. This was accepted by the crew, and they began to get use to what would be their temporary home for the next twelve months. Their first mission was a very simple shakedown, as the Missouri had not been in service for over four years. The crew began with ease, and began their trials; they had planned to spend the next six weeks doing their space trials; however, after the first two days; the crew encountered a phenomenon which ended up being caused by the one person they didn't expect to see; Q. Q held the Missouri crew hostage for two months, claiming that the crew owed him something; he ended up taking Commander Harrison back to the first USS Enterprise mission, Farpoint Station and an older Richard Harrison, who said he would become a Q, but said no and had left the planet before Q came back to collect him. This cause Q to be upset and cause havoc on the ship. After two months; he agreed to let the Missouri go if Bradley and the entire crew apologise; which they did. The crew were freed and they headed straight to earth for some holidays, especially around the fact that it was Christmas.