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"Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire."
    —Jennifer Lee - Ship's Dedication Quote

Third in the lineage of vessels to bear the name, the USS Hathaway NCC-92904 (Sagan-class) is a highly versatile, state-of-the-art exploration vessel widely considered to be one of the most advanced starships in the service of the Federation. The immediate successor to the Cheyenne-class USS Hathaway lost during the Dominion War of the 2370's, the current iteration is fresh out of the shipyards at Starbase Bravo following her role in the Deneb conflict and is currently under the command of Captain Romaes Anjin.

Looking to make a name for themselves in the annals of history, the crew are a mixture of fresh-faced youngsters excelling in their fields of study, and wily veterans looking for an opportunity to cement their legacies. With the ship currently operating out of Deep Space 17 in the Typhon Frontier, she is tasked with exploring an area of space ripe for scientific exploration and missions of a first-contact nature.

Into the Expanse

2401 - Into the Expanse

With her construction and subsequent shakedown cruise complete, a skeleton crew transferred Hathaway from Starbase Bravo to Deep Space 17, where a new commanding officer was appointed by CAPT Romaes Anjin, TFXO for TF17. After a hiatus which saw him take leave on multiple worlds, a chance encounter saw the Tellarite, Vasoch Gor, re-evaluate his choice to leave Starfleet. Negotiations with Romaes saw the man rewarded for his years of dedication and experience with his first permanent command aboard Hathaway.

However, a number of weeks into this new assignment, conflict broke out in the Deneb Sector, and Hathaway participated in five different counterstrikes on enemy forces throughout the region. Her actions threatened to come back to haunt her, however, when lingering engine trouble resulted in a dangerous game of cat and mouse with a Dominion attack wing. Having suffered through four attacks, Captain Gor revealed the 'damage' sustained by the ship was simply a plot to lull in the Jem'Hadar and allow Hathaway's Borg advanced sensors to get incredibly up-to-date readings of the enemy ships. The timely appearance of the Inquiry-class USS Nogura from TG-514 deterred the attack wing and provided respite for the Hathaway crew. Under Nogura’s careful watch, and with additional personnel loaned to them, repairs began in earnest.

Whilst Hathaway underwent repairs, Captain Keziah Nazir was transported aboard from the Nogura, and immediately stirred up trouble. Presenting orders from SFC, Nazir relieved Captain Gor of his duties and assumed command of Hathaway, with the Tellarite immediately beaming to the Nogura for reassignment.

Some months later, and after being heavily involved in the Deneb conflict with the Dominion and Breen alliance, Captain Romaes Anjin assumed command during her repair schedule. Upon completion, the ship was ordered back to the Deneb sector.


Like many starships in the Federation fleet, the Hathaway name can be traced back to Earth's distant past, where it is believed she is named after Anne Hathaway, the wife of one of England's finest playwrights, William Shakespeare. Hathaway was born in 1556 and died in 1623. The Hathaway name first appears in the Starfleet archive with the construction of the Constellation-class starship of the same name. Perhaps most interestingly is the knowledge that all starships to carry the name Hathaway have had four nacelles.

  • USS HathawayConstellation-class heavy cruiser — NCC-2593
    • 2285—2360 (Reactivated and returned to service 2365-2368)
  • USS HathawayCheyenne-class light cruiser — NCC-71605
    • 2369—2374 (Destroyed)
  • USS HathawaySagan-class light explorer — NCC-92904
    • 2398—Present (In Service)

Commanding Officer Lineage

In the time since her construction, and prior to the assignment of Captain Gor, Hathaway had only a single commanding officer, with Captain of Engineering Leandra Nunez overseeing the ship's construction.

Technical Configuration

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Key Location Data

With 24 decks, the ship has hundreds of rooms and locations that serve a variety of purposes for the crew. Some of the more notable locations include:


Main Bridge; command center for the USS Hathaway.

A reflection of the time period she was created, the Sagan-class polished steel and cool metal fixtures of the bridge aesthetics bring back memories of years gone by, her design blending modern technological advancements with the nostalgia of eras long gone. It is a functional, yet aesthetically pleasing facility designed in a similar vein to the rest of the ship. Her greatest feature is a wide-angled window which fills the forward bulkhead. This window has holographic projectors built into the rim, giving it the ability to function as a more traditional viewscreen. It can also be used as an emergency evacuation hatch, with forcefields being lowered until replaced by a large, external bulkhead.

Dominating the heart of the command center, three command chairs made of red leather sit atop the central platform, colloquially known as the 'Command Deck', surrounded by rails and steps to the lower levels of the bridge. As is tradition, the center seat and its controls are reserved for the commanding officer, or any directly appointed officer in command during his absence. To his right, the executive officer and, to his left, a third seat is generally reserved for the use of the ship's Counsellor, Chief Medical Officer or any official or dignitary the Captain sees fit. All three of the chairs have built-in controls on the armrests, enabling the occupying officers to conduct their duties with unprecedented access to a wide variety of ship systems.

Red Alert on the USS Hathaway.

At the foot of the stairs directly ahead (or to the side) of the command deck, the 'Flight Deck' consists of two angled consoles serving as duty stations for operations (port) and flight operations (starboard). A few feet from each, two stand-alone consoles provide auxiliary station access for any purpose required (such as communications, environmental control, mission operations etc). Ascending the stairs on either side of the command deck, the port side bulkhead is home to three large stations dedicated to tactical operations, providing access to the ship's defensive and offensive systems, whilst the starboard bulkhead is dedicated to the various science departments on the ship.

Observation Lounge; a meeting place and workspace.

Aft of the bridge, there are two additional consoles behind the command area designated for medical use (port) and engineering (starboard), allowing the engineer on duty access to the same engineering systems as in main engineering itself, including access to environmental controls, propulsion systems and the warp core. Central to the aft bulkhead, open access is granted to the observation lounge, which is sealable by emergency bulkheads and forcefields.

Observation Lounge; a meeting place and workspace.

Observation Lounge

A beautifully designed room, the observation lounge matches the aesthetic of the rest of the ship, with polished alloys and cool metals as the material of choice during construction. The room is dominated by a large table with holographic controls which is particularly useful for briefings and has seating for up to 10 officers. The Captain traditionally sits closest to the wall-mounted display on the starboard bulkhead. There are several shelves with ornaments and models of previous ships called Hathaway, as well as the original Constellation-class ship plaque. An additional door provides access from the port bulkhead.

The observation lounge operates an open-door policy and, in the absence of a more traditional ready room attached to the bridge, the Captain often uses the observation lounge as a workspace so that they do not have to return to their quarters.

Starlight Lounge

A beautiful recreational facility used for a variety of occasions.

Perhaps the most spacious of all recreational facilities aboard Hathaway, the Starlight Lounge is built across two levels and is the most spacious facility on the ship. With dozens of seating areas across both levels, with varying degrees of comfort and privacy, the room is a constant hive of activity for anyone and everyone aboard the ship. People come to work in a relaxed, but active environment, or they may come to sit and read while people mill about and conduct their business. Food is obtained from several replicators around the room, while bar snacks and beverages are available at the bar which is manned around the clock. The room's most exquisite feature is the large, floor-to-ceiling aquarium tank which is maintained by the science division and houses some thirty different species of marine life.

Auxiliary Craft


As a Sagan-class starship with four shuttlebays of varying size, Hathaway is capable of housing a large contingent of auxiliary craft. The deployment and organisation of such craft has always been at the discretion of the commanding officer, and as such, Captain Gor has used Hathaway's mission profile to reduce the number of personnel shuttles and runabouts to make room for a squadron of Valkyrie-class Starfighters in the lower shuttlebays. Codenamed the Hellhounds, this small squadron is capable of conducting a range of operations in support of Hathaway's main mission objectives.

Notable Crew

Commanding Officers