USS Denver

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USS Denver
General Information
Registry NCC-72016
Class & Type Nebula-class
Affiliation Starfleet
Status Active
Commissioned 47760.3
Role Heavy Cruiser
Key Personnel
Commanding Officer Captain Rebecca Talon
Executive Officer Commander Cheon Kyo
Dedication plaque Denver.png


"A good Navy is not a provocation to war. It is the surest guarantee of peace."
    —Theodore Roosevelt - Ship's Dedication Plaque

The USS Denver is a Nebula-class heavy cruiser which has seen decades of Starfleet service. During the Dominion War Denver saw action with the Seventh Fleet under the command of Captain Rebecca Talon.



The USS Denver was launched from the Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards on stardate 47760.3 (October 5, 2370) under the command of Captain Micah Fitzpatrick. Fitzpatrick oversaw the final construction of the ship. During the shakedown cruise to Deep Space 7 the warp core developed hairline fractures along the reaction chamber necessitating ejecting the core. The USS Crazy Horse was dispatched to tow the Denver to the nearest starbase for repairs. The damage was minimal but a new core was needed and Denver remained in dry dock for the next four months.

Following the initial shakedown cruise the Denver was assigned to the Romulan Neutral Zone. For the next three years this assignment was mostly uneventful. Despite this Starfleet still considered it a success. A notable exception being an incident in which two Romulan warbirds crossed the Neutral Zone under suspicion of a build up of Starfleet ships. Captain Fitzpatrick was able to negotiate a stand-down and he was awarded the Christopher Pike Medal of Valor.


The Denver saw considerable action during the Federation-Klingon War of 2372-2373. It was during this conflict Commander Rebecca Talon was recalled to active duty and assigned to the ship as first officer. Denver took part in several campaigns including the Organia Offensive and the Ardana Massacre.


At the breakout of hostilities with the Dominion Denver was assigned to the 7th Fleet. On February 10, 2374 the Seventh Fleet was assigned to attack the Dominion fleet at the Tyra System.[1] Of the 114 Federation ships assigned to the offensive the Denver was one of only twelve ships to return to Federation space. Unfortunately Captain Fitzpatrick did not survive[2] and Commander Talon was promoted to Captain.[3]

Following extensive repairs at Starbase 76[4] the Denver was assigned to escort the SS Mariposa in March of 2374. At an intersection of several major shipping lanes a Cardassian led fleet attacked the convoy. The USS Tigris and three other Starfleet ships responded destroying several ships, and the capture of several prisoners. The battle would later be coined "The Battle of the Crossroads".[5]

During the summer of 2374 the Denver was assigned to Sector 001 to protect Earth. The bulk of Starfleet was assembled to regain control of Deep Space Nine in what would be called Operation Return.

While on Earth the crew uncovers a plot by their alternate universe counterparts to use the Dominion War to take control of Starfleet and the Federation in hopes of forming a Terran Empire. It was ultimately the betrayal of Bellitor's daughter and trusted officer that lead the Denver crew to their secret base in Montana where they were defeated. [6]

In late 2375 as part of a task force to hold the Chin'toka System the Denver took part in the Second Battle of Chin'toka. The battle was a major set back in the war with the Dominion and their new Breen allies. The Denver, like all the other Federation ships was disabled by the Breen weapon. Despite being heavily damaged Denver was salvaged a few months later at the conclusion of the war. The space frame spent two years at McKinley Station for repairs and refit.

Ships Named Denver

  1. USS Denver (CL-16): was a cruiser with the US Navy commissioned from 1904 to 1931.
  2. USS Denver (CL-58): was a light cruiser with the US Navy during World War II commissioned from 1942 to 1947.
  3. USS Denver (LPD-9): was an amphibious transport dock with the US Navy commissioned from 1968 to 2014.
  4. USS Denver (SSN-851)
    USS Denver (SSN-851): Was a Seattle-class nuclear fast attack submarine commissioned with the US Navy between 2053 and 2089.
  5. Denver (NCC-207) was a Poseidon-class starship with Earth Starfleet during the Earth-Romulan War.
  6. USS Denver (NCC-54927): was a Yorkshire-class transport with Starfleet that was lost on stardate 45587.9.

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