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This article is official Bravo Fleet canon.This article is official Task Force 72 canon.

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USS Missouri






Assigned TF:

Task Force 72


Tactical Response


Alpha Quadrant




RADM Mike Lake


The USS Missouri is a Sovereign Class vessel assigned to the Command Squadron of Task Force 72. The current Commanding Officer is Rear Admiral Mike Lake. The Missouri (also known as the "Mighty Mo", just "Mo", "Mo Mo" or "The Missi") is assigned to Tactical Response tasks, such as search and rescue and surface combat as well as combat and intelligence missions.


On her first mission, the CO of the USS Missouri is almost killed by a rogue assassin of the Klingon Empire. The crew of the USS Missouri, now lead by the former XO, Mike Lake seek to hunt down the assassin and bring him to justice.

Not long thereafter, a serious explosion is reported in a planetside Federation Outpost, Haven Colony, and is suspected to be the works of a bomber. The closest ships; one being the USS Missouri, are sent to provide aid and help investigate. During the investigation, the Missouri is damaged.

The damaged Missouri is towed back to Starbase for repairs after the Haven Colony mission. Meanwhile, several members of the crew go their seperate ways for a while until the repairs are complete. Captain Lake and Lieutenant Commander Summers take an interesting vacation to Romulas and discover a little more about Romulas, themselves and each other's pasts. Lieutenant Colonel Tropwen takes a couple of Marines and an Argo Shuttle to track down an escaped mental patient who is reeking havoc under several different disguises. Lieutenant Commander Carlisle takes a shuttle to track down an old friend when he gets a desperate plee for rescue; little does he know it, but someone else is on the shuttle with him. The remaining crew help out with a minor refit and resupply of the Missouri and spend some time on the Starbase.

The USS Romero was sent out on a run-of-the-mill science mission to conduct a survey of a Nebula near the Breen Border. In less than a week the Romero completed the mission and reported their findings to Starfleet. That's the last that Starfleet heard from them. Upon returning from the mission, the Romero went off the radar without a trace. With Taskforce 72's location shift to the Breen Border and the Missouri's proximity, they have been requested to go to the Romero's last known position and use whatever means necessary to find the ship and, if possible, rescue it's crew.

Previous Ships

There have been other starships to carry the name Missouri.

USS Missouri (Ambassador Class)

The second starship named Missouri was one of the second build order of Ambassador-class explorers. When built, she was one of Starfleet's most advanced vessels, and her initial cruise carried her to the furthest reaches of Federation space. However, her two best-known commanders came into the center seat well after she had fallen behind other designs.

First was William Jenner. After a few years of using the ship's powerful sensor and computer systems - the first systems to receive updates using the technology designed for the Galaxy class - to study black holes, Jenner was summoned to join the fleet at the Battle of Wolf 359. However, the ship was too far out, and arrived after the Borg had destroyed the fleet and moved on. Jenner chose to assist in the rescue efforts, loading Missouri down with more than three times its usual emergency capacity for a trip back to Earth and keeping his distance from the Borg to keep the rescued officers safe. Many of Starfleet's veterans remember the Missouri as the lifeboat that saved them from the burning wrecks of their destroyed starships.

Second was Srovik Jones. After commanding the Missouri through the Dominion War and winning multiple encounters with superior forces, Jones left Starfleet in protest against the temporal project, forming the Trytonian terrorist group.