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The USS Luna is a Luna-class Federation starship. USS Luna is the prototype for her class and currently serves in the Fourth Fleet. Assigned to Task Force 86 under the command of Captain Adriana Cruz. It has been outfitted with some of the most advanced sensors in Starfleet and was initially intended to be a listening ship to pick up pirate comm traffic. As such it has an unusually large intelligence department.

The Luna is currently host to both a Klingon First Officer and a Romulan Republic Advisor since it has been operating in both Klingon and Romulan space.

It departed Starbase 86 and explored The Triangle visiting Federation colony Acamar as a seemingly futile diplomatic gesture before continuing on deeper. It is currently in Romulan space on an exploratory mission.


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Bridge: Located on Deck One, the Bridge is where the ship is controlled. Not having saucer separation there is only one bridge and not an alternate battle bridge.

Ready Room: Spacious when compared to the ready room on the Rhode Island-class USS Seattle, where much of the current senior officers previously served including the Captain, the Ready Room acts as an office and meeting space for the Captain. Located immediately off the bridge this is a refuge from being ‘on show’ for the rest of the crew and where the Captain is able to relax.

First Officer’s Office: Lacking a cool nickname like ‘Ready Room’ the First Officer also has an office on Deck 2 a short turbo lift ride down from the bridge. Here they assemble Duty Rosters and perform other administrative duties that help keep the USS Luna running smoothly.

Senior Officer’s Quarters: The Captain, First Officer and senior officers (Commanders and Lieutenant Commanders) all have quarters on Deck 2 as does the Chief Counseling Officer. Rooms can be refitted to support non-class M environments including gravities, temperatures, and atmospheres. The Captain has the largest quarters but all crew on this level have a bedroom, small private dining area, and an entertainment/relaxation space.

VIP Quarters and Boardroom: As a capable first contact platform the Luna-class has extensive diplomatic and VIP quarters. Though not optimized for multiparty talks the USS Luna offers exquisite quarters for visiting dignitaries and first contact purposes. This can also be used to host members of the admiralty and Federation diplomats. These are located on Deck 3.

Strategic Operations Office / Intelligence Office / Stellar Cartography / Diplomatic Office: Deck 4 hosts a series of mission configurable offices and labs that are currently occupied by Strategic Operations, Intelligence, and Diplomatic offices. On this deck is also a large Stellar Cartography lab that hosts both a large pool for the Cetacean members of the crew, as well as water filled tunnels connecting the lab to other points of the ship including Cetacean Ops.

Transporter Rooms: Located throughout the ship the main transporter room is on Deck 4. This is attached to a small office for on-duty transporter personnel and the Transporter Chief’s usage.

Labs (Mission Configurable): Deck 5 is largely turned over to mission configurable lab space. On voyages where family or children are present some of this space can be turned into classrooms or other learning centers but currently they are all taken up by working labs.

Sickbay: Deck 6 is the location of the large Sick Bay that’s optimized for study as well as treating known ailments. A Luna-class vessel is at the forefront of exploration and so the medical department is expected to deal with illnesses that they have not previously encountered. This includes surgeries, and a recovery ward, as well as isolation rooms for contagious crew.

Industrial Replicators: The Luna-class has two industrial replicators that can produce anything on the ship, save for dilithium, and these are located on decks 6 and 11.

Mission Pod: The Luna-class contains a swappable mission pod above the main body of the ship. There is also areas for launching probes, and photon torpedoes..The USS Luna currently has a sensor pod giving it advanced sensors installed.

Lunar Base: This is the main lounge enjoyed by both officers and crew members alike. It is located on Deck 7. A popular drink is called ‘The Eagle Has Landed’ named after the phrase used my Earth Astronaut Neil Armstrong upon touching down on Earth’s moon.

Arboretum: Located on Deck 7 the arboretum is a collection of plants collected from across the galaxy and cared for by the crew of the Luna. While the mixture of plant life means that it’s not fully familiar to any member of the crew, the collection seems to be complementing each other and provides a natural space on the ship that holodecks can not quite capture.

Gymnasium (Main): Deck 7 also contains a spacious gymnasium, set up for court games such as tennis, basketball, and additional areas for Andorian martial arts and Bat’leth training/sparring. There is also an area with free weights, resistance weights, and cardiovascular machines to facilitate other expertises of training.

Pool: Tasked with long voyages It is important for the crew of the USS Luna to remain active, and Deck 8 features a large pool complex, offering both fresh water and salt water swimming. There are pools dedicated to laps, and larger pools for free style swimming along with diving boards.

Entertainment Options: Deck 8 is the location for a wide variety of entertainment options including a karaoke bar, holodecks, and a bowling lane. There is a lot of configurable spaces here for placement of other options depending on the cultural preferences of the crew, for example the bowling lanes can be refitted to something more appropriate for Vulcans, Andorians, or whatever crew the Luna has. With the exception of the holodecks, this floor is meant mostly for physical recreation options with real settings being preferred. This includes restaurants, bars and other dinning options largely staffed by holographic staff.

Holosuites: Located on decks Seven, Eight, and Nine the holosuits are smaller versions of the holodeck ideal for smaller groups. They are often used for meditation or other solitary activities.


The New Ship: The new crew takes the USS Luna out for a shakedown cruise into The Triangle and the Romulan Republic.

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