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The USS Seattle is a Rhode Island-class Federation starship operating as part of Fourth Fleet. The ship has taken on an assortment of missions from acting as an escort to delivering vital materials as quickly as possible. However, the USS Seattle is mandated for border defense and is meant to handle pirate threats and True Way terrorists.


After the wounding of the USS Anaheim, Captain Nathan Hawthorne was left without a command for several months while repairs were being done on the California-class ship. Long wanting a change of command, and tired of serving to ferry doctors to disaster areas, Hawthorne was given command of the USS Seattle which was open after the events of Frontier Day. Assigned Commander Adriana Cruz as his Executive Officer, he took command until eventually being injured in the line of duty and removed from command to make way for his First Officer to take the mantle.


In A World Called Catastrophe

Attempting to assist a Cardassian cruiser that had lost its crew in a pre-warp civilization the USS Seattle sent down a team to investigate. This delayed the Cardassians sending down a tactical team that promised to take no prisoners freeing their people. A second Cardassian ship arrived in orbit but thankfully the work of Ensign William Hume allowed the Seattle crew to stage a riot and free the hostages. The Cardassians gave a grudging thanks and departed.

Even Better Than The Real Thing

While escorting the USS Casanova on a science mission the senior staff of the Seattle are able to take part in some holographic games in the holodecks. Unfortunately the USS Casanova angered some gods who stole the ships’ holodecks and played other tricks on the crews of the two Starfleet vessels. This forced the crew to engage in real-life versions of their holographic games until their ship is restored and they are able to continue on their way.

Exit, Pursued by a Cube

Investigating a black market dealer’s base, and finding lots of old Borg technology the crew of the USS Seattle discovered Borg transponders which activated and called the Borg. Deep Space 7 noticed a Borg Cube approaching Federation Space and the USS Seattle was tasked with taking the transponders far away from inhabited planets and Federation space. They travelled far from Federation space, well past explored space and eventually attempted but failed to destroy the transponders which the Borg took and departed.

The Icarus Effect

The USS Seattle is well outside Federation space and needed to get back. However looking to do something more than just run home, they stopped at Maya 3 and meet a civilization of all women. As they unwrapped what secrets this world has they suffered an attack which changed the crew forever.


The crew of the USS Seattle return to Federation space, and deal with the fallout of the last mission. While there they’re assigned to chasing down pirates and deal with an ancient and angry god that wants to take control of their ship on the way to universal domination.

The Trial of Shraa Th’risris

Romulans, Romulans, Romulans

On a top secret mission to Cardassian space the USS Seattle discovers a crash site of Kirk-era Romulans who have built a society in the wreckage. Leaving Assistant Chief Medical Officer T’Rala behind to help care for the sick they continue on and assault a Cardassian prision to free a Dominion War informant.

Notable Crew

Commanding Officers


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The USS Seattle is one of the most advanced ships of her size. Sleek and fast, she is equally capable as a fast exploration platform that can quickly map unknown space and as a tactically oriented scout that can use her powerful sensor platforms to seek out threat vessels.

Virtually identical to the Nova-class in terms of external appearance, the Rhode Island-class is sleek and angular with a triangular primary hull, rounded engineering hull, and two slender warp nacelles. Unlike her cousin, though, additional deck space has been found by reducing the size of the auxiliary deflector and instead giving additional space to decks 3 and 4.

After being squished aboard the USS Anaheim, the crew that came with Captain Hawthorne have found the Seattle a spacious billing, with most of the crew either having individual rooms or sharing with one other officer, unlike the hallway accommodations of the California-class ship. The Seattle is clean and modern. There are two observation lounges, two mess halls, a gymnasium, and a recreation area, along with two small holodecks.

The USS Seattle features paintings of the city of Seattle’s skyline throughout the ages, from the days of its first founding to the current day. These paintings are across from the turbolifts on every level of the ship starting with Seattle’s founding in 1851 through to a 2400 representation.

The ship’s main lounge is cheekily called ‘Nine Forward’ despite the ship having only 8 decks. It features a two-hundred-degree view of space through windows, and the only non-Starfleet personnel on the ship in the small bar staff.

The Captain’s Ready Room, just off the bridge, is another point of customization and still adheres to the previous commanding officer’s design choices including making it look like the interior of an old Earth 18th century sailing vessel, and a spot to grind and brew coffee beans acquired from Earth as opposed to using the replicator.

Auxiliary Craft

The USS Seattle has two shuttles, the Sound Garden and the Pearl Jam, named for Seattle-based rock and roll bands from the 1990s. They have since put in a requisition for a Waverider-class atmospheric shuttle, which is one of the fastest atmospheric craft in Starfleet. This shuttle, if granted will join as the Nirvana.