USS Independence

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The USS Independence (NCC-81358) is Defiant-class escort assigned to Gateway Station as the attached ship, and part of Sirius Squadron. The starbase is responsible for maintaining stability in the Midgard Sector and upholding the Federation's regional interests. Established local pirate groups and increased aggression from the Klingon Empire has necessitated more tactical depth for regional forces, and thus the Independence has been assigned to Gateway. Independence acts as the station's patrol vessel, responsible for scouting and reconnaissance activities, border interdiction, and providing escort to humanitarian and diplomatic outreach missions.

The Independence, though attached to Gateway, is under the permanent command of Commander Ramius Vornar. The ship otherwise draws her crew from the station's staff as needed, and when necessary, station command or senior staff may join missions or lead operations from aboard.


The Lost Fleet

The Independence came under the command of Ramius Vornar in 2389, and was assigned to a formation under the command of Fleet Captain Jericho that eventually became Endeavour Squadron in 2401. This formation took part in the defence of the Deneb Sector against the Dominion Lost Fleet that year, participating in the liberation of the Izar system. During the campaign, it was discovered that Commander Ramius had at some point been replaced by a Changeling infiltrator. The Independence led a key role in the Battle of Izar after the impostor's discovery, bringing reinforcements in at a critical juncture. With the invasion's end, the crew of the Independence were dispersed, and the ship reassigned.

Midgard Sector

For several months, Independence was posted to reinforce locations across the Federation deemed strategically vulnerable after Frontier Day. At the same time, the dismantling of the Changeling infiltration by Starfleet included the rescue of the real Ramius Vornar, who had been replaced for approximately a year. In September, Gateway Station commander Fleet Captain Jericho requested not just the reassignment of the Independence to reinforce the Midgard Sector, but the reappointment of Commander Vornar as her CO.

Notable Crew

Commanding Officers