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The USS Higgs is a Nova-class surveyor assigned to the Fourth Fleet.


Challenger Squadron (2401)

The Higgs was assigned to Challenger Squadron in January 2401 under the command of Fleet Captain Thomas Forrester. Challenger Squadron was formed with the intention of exploring regions of the Gamma Quadrant that had, until recently, been under Dominion control and previously unaccessible to Starfleet. The Higgs would focus on in-depth scientific study of the planets in these regions.

Those plans went awry almost immediately with Fourth Fleet Command eager for the mission to proceed and Starfleet Command reluctant to allow such a Squadron to travel to the other side of the Bajoran Wormhole. The Higgs was assigned to operations within the Paulson Nebula while the issues were resolved. Ultimately the mission was scrubbed 'indefinitely'.

In March 2401, a force of twenty-five year old Dominion ships, thought to have been destroyed in the Bajoran Wormhole during the Dominion War, attacked the Deneb Sector. Challenger Squadron, along with the rest of the Fourth Fleet, was dispatched to respond to the incursion.

The Higgs was given the task of transporting parts and engineers required to complete upgrades on Galadkail Minor's orbital defence platforms. En route, the Higgs was attacked by three Jem'Hadar fighters. After taking refuge in the Daylos System, the crew of the Higgs were able to destroy their attackers, but not without incurring heavy damage and the death of the ship's Captain, Anastasia Matheson.

With the assistance of the Challenger, the Higgs made it to Galadkail Minor where hasty repairs were made. During the closing stage of the conflict, the Higgs travelled to the Deneb System where she took part in the Battle of Farpoint. Once more she sustained heavy damage. The Challenger towed her back to Starbase Bravo, where she would spend the next few months undergoing repairs. Because of this, the Higgs was replaced as part of Challenger Squadron by the USS Toronto.

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