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Challenger Squadron is a formation commanded by Commodore Elizabeth Wyatt operating within Fourth Fleet Operations. Challenger Squadron's early history is marked by bureaucratic indecision and upheaval, but after spending the Frontier Day celebrations at Coltar IV, Challenger Squadron was finally dispatched on the mission for which it was formed; exploration of formerly Dominion occupied territories in the Gamma Quadrant.


Formation (January 2401)

Challenger Squadron was formed in January 2401 with the Odyssey-class heavy explorer USS Challenger as the core. The USS Inverness, an Excelsior II-class heavy cruiser, and the USS Higgs, a Nova-class surveyor, were also assigned to the Squadron.

The original plan for Challenger Squadron was to travel to the Gamma Quadrant where it would begin to explore areas that had recently opened up to Starfleet due to the withdrawal of the Dominion in the previous decade. However, their departure was almost immediately delayed for a week while Fourth Fleet Command argued with Starfleet Command. The departure date slipped further before the mission was put on hold indefinitely.

Lost Fleet Crisis & Frontier Day (March 2401 - April 2401)

With the Squadron's mission scrubbed, the Inverness was removed and reassigned to operations along the Federation/Cardassian border, while the Challenger was assigned to various diplomatic tasks and the Higgs focused on operations within the Paulson Nebula. Challenger Squadron was dispatched to the Deneb Sector in March 2401 following reports of attacks by a Dominion fleet thought lost in the Bajoran Wormhole a quarter of a century earlier. The Challenger assisted in the evacuation and defence of a small colony near the Federation/Breen border and the Higgs was assigned to transport parts and engineers to Galadkail Minor. During it's journey, the Higgs was intercepted by a trio of Jem'Hadar fighters. While they were able to fend off the attack, it came with a heavy price; the death of the Higgs' Captain, Anastasia Matheson. Later, Challenger Squadron would be present at the Battle of Farpoint, which saw the remnants of the Dominion Fleet defeated.

Due to the damage sustained during the Deneb Campaign, the Higgs would have to spend the next few months undergoing repairs. Fourth Fleet Command replaced her with the Intrepid-class USS Toronto while at the same time adding the Rhode Island-class USS Endurance to the Squadron in preparation for them to finally embark on their mission to the Gamma Quadrant. Only one thing stood between Challenger Squadron and the Gamma Quadrant; the Frontier Day celebrations at Coltar IV, which Fleet Captain Forrester had promised the colony's Governor. Due to the protection of the Paulson Nebula, Challenger Squadron was shielded from the Borg signal that effected the rest of the fleet. The crew could only watch in horror as the events of Frontier Day unfolded.

Into The Gamma Quadrant (April 2401 - Present)

Despite the damage caused to Starfleet on Frontier Day, Fourth Fleet Command decided to continue with Challenger Squadron's mission to the Gamma Quadrant. The squadron entered the wormhole in late April 2401 and, following a brief stop at New Bajor, began their mission of exploration and diploamtic outreach in the Riada Sector.

Challenger Squadron suffered a major setback with the loss of Fleet Captain Forrester after only a week in the Gamma Quadrant. Asked by the Prime Minister of Darox III to help them locate a fugitive, Fleet Captain Forrester led a small team to Janea II to track down the target. During that mission, the team was incapacitated. When they woke, Forrester was gone. Despite a month long search, he was never found. Commodore Elizabeth Wyatt was ordered to take command of Challenger Squadron and declared Forrester missing, presumed dead.


January 2401 - February 2401

February 2401 - March 2401

March 2401 - May 2401

May 2401 - Present

Current Composition

  • USS Challenger - Odyssey-class heavy explorer - Challenger is the squadron flagship, commanded by Captain Tarven Rix. She is tasked with the bulk of the diplomatic work the squadron will take on. For this reason it's diplomatic detachment has recently been beefed up under the command of Commander Matthias Bentley. With it's extensive medical facilities, the Challenger also provides medical and counselling support to the rest of the squadron.
    • USS Cernan - Aquarius-class escort - Embarked on the newly constructed USS Challenger, the USS Cernan supports the work of her mothership and allowed for greater flexibility both in combat and in the flagship's scientific endeavours.
  • USS Toronto - Intrepid-class light explorer - The Toronto's role within the Squadron leans into her scientific abilities, acting as the Squadron's science vessel. Captain Victor Axelrodis a career science officer and is the perfect choice to lead the Toronto and her crew on their exploration of the Gamma Quadrant. Captain Vestri is also the Squadron's Deputy Commander.

Former Components

  • USS Inverness - Excelsior II-class heavy cruiser - The Inverness was due to act as the Squadron's logistical support, providing a regular link between the Gamma Quadrant based Squadron and the Alpha Quadrant. Captain Everett Ashford commanded the Inverness until 2401.
  • USS Higgs - Nova-class surveyor - The primary role of the Higgs was to be undertaking long term, in-depth surveys of the star systems in the Gamma Quadrant. Sadly due to bureaucratic infighting and the actions of the Dominion's Lost Fleet, it would never get to fulfil that mission. Captain Anastasia Matheson commanded the Higgs between December 2400 until her death in March 2401.