USS Dvorak

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"We only see starlight because all the stars are bleeding"
    —Steven Hall - Ship's dedication plaque

The USS Dvorak serves as a Springfield-class science vessel assigned to Fourth Fleet. With a crew complement of two hundred, and the largest distribution of them science officers, the USS Dvorak operates as a mobile research platform. The ship’s mission module has been configured for the social sciences — specializing in mission of archaeology and anthropology. As a purpose-built science ship, the Springfield-class’ specialized laboratories are available for nearly every scientific sub-division, each of them conducting independent research beyond the ship’s primary missions. Constructed in the expansive heydays of the mid-24th century, the Dvorak is a ship designed for comfort, maintaining its retro-resort aesthetic in carpeted surfaces and natural woods. The crew culture matches the interiors: as a whole, they tend to respect whomever has the most published articles, rather than who wears the most rank pips.

Design and Layout


Because the crown jewels of the USS Dvorak are its science laboratories, this ship's utilitarian bridge configuration would be seen more commonly as a battle bridge aboard other starships of its generation. This bridge module allows for deck one to contain a larger observation lounge, head, captain's ready room, and a laboratory off the bridge.

The captain sits alone in the centre seat. The two seated consoles ahead of the captain's chair are configured for Science I and Flight Control. Ringing the stern of the bridge are four freestanding LCARS consoles, facing the viewscreen. Clockwise, the stations are configured as Engineering/Operations, Tactical, Mission Ops, and Science II.


Powered by an older-style warp core than those of its generation, the Springfield-class warp core is mounted horizontally in the underslung engineering hull on deck 14.

Mission Module

Located on the aft dorsal section of the ship, the mission module is secured between the nacelles and above the shuttlebay. The pod contains two decks of specialised archaeology and anthropology laboratories, equipment and storage. Equipment includes facilities to fabricate novel probes and a dedicated mission computer core, operating with bioneural processing.

On the upper deck of the mission module, the archaeology lab offers teaming and individual LCARS consoles, specialised scanner equipment, a thermoluminescence chamber, and storage areas for scientific observation and experimentation in the field of archaeology.

Operational History


USS Dvorak was launched in 2352, on Stardate 29411.2, upon its construction in the Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards on Mars.


USS Dvorak underwent its fifth refit and shakedown, under the command of long-time Captain Aloysius Sefton and newly promoted Executive Officer Commander Elbon Jakkelb. Dvorak's shakedown was Sefton's final mission before retirement.

Sometimes Bones are Wrong

At the dawn of 2400, USS Dvorak was diverted from its shakedown cruise to support humanitarian efforts during the Century Storm. In the aftermath of the Century Storm, Commander Taes was assigned to Dvorak as a Senior Mission Officer. Dvorak's mission module was staffed with a team of archaeologists from Starbase 72, serving as the first responders to the Trill colony of New Tenar.

As first responders, Taes' team conducted the death scene investigations of any citizens who were left behind by Starfleet's evacuation of the planet during the ion storms. While the medical officers confirmed cause of death, the archaeologists investigated the social and structural vulnerabilities that may have contributed to exactly who had died during the evacuation, and why they had died, rather than the thousands of others who escaped.

Following the death scene investigations, Commander Taes’ team completed an archaeological study of the city to identify heritage sites of historical and cultural importance. Although there were some irregularities in the chain of custody in some of the data, the archaeology team identified the heritage sites in need of preservation and restoration, when the government of New Tenar rebuilds Vrans City.

Turnabout Imposters

Upon the completion of Dvorak's shakedown cruise, Starfleet Command named Captain Taes the commanding officer of the science ship Dvorak. In her maiden voyage, Captain Taes investigated the looting of an archaeological site on Camus II by True Way pirates. Following a trip to the planet’s surface, the crew’s mission was jeoparized when Captain Taes returned to Dvorak as a changed woman. (And she wasn't the the only one.) The entire away team were body swapped by ancient and dangerous technology in disrepair. Only through studying the previous archaeological surveys completed by Starfleet and investigating the technology further were Captain Taes and Lieutenant Yuulik able to return the away team to their own bodies.

Let Them Eat Cake

When the Velorum Sector declares itself a free state, USS Dvorak is tasked with bringing food security to Remans on the refinery planet, Kunhri III, which has been cut off from all sources of food.

Notable Crew

Commanding Officers