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"Soar higher."
    —Ship's dedication quote

USS Daedalus (NCC-72703) is a Rhode Island-class scout assigned to Starfleet's Fourth Fleet, Task Force 72. Amongst the first wave of refitted Nova-class frames Daedalus had operated with the fleet since its commissioning in 2385 as a fast response scout and first responder. Once one of the fastest fleet vessels, it has served with pride on the frontiers of Federation space where it combined its speed with advanced sensor systems to keep a watchful eye on the horizon.

With the successful production run of more advanced vessels like the Pathfinder-Class and Duderstadt class, Daedalus is slowly being outpaced amongst the fleet but remains an important part of the task force's operations. Previously assigned to house Theta Squad, Starfleet Science's emergency response team, the small vessel has now been assigned to Task Force 72.

Service History

Commissioning & Early Service

An early member of the classes construction run, the core spaceframe of Daedalus was originally a Nova class explorer destined to provide scientific support to the internal regions of the Federation. Following the success of the USS Rhode Island (NCC-72701) several part-built space frames including Daedalus were quickly re-drawn to join the new class. In 2385 Daedalus sailed free of the dockyards and joined the fleet at large. Initially assigned to scouting and reconnaissance missions out of the Fourth Fleet's headquarters at Starbase Bravo she was transferred to Task Force 72 to provide support to the new scientific endeavours being undertaken on the Cardassian border. Providing a more tactically capable platform in response to the continued presence of the True Way, Daedalus now undertakes a variety of missions where the presence of a larger force may enflame tensions.

The Lost Fleet

When the Dominion force that came to be known as 'The Lost Fleet' returned to known space and annexed a large portion of space, Daedalus was amongst the first vessels dispatched to the new front. Ahead of the Fourth Fleet's deployment to the area Daedalus and her crew operated fast reconnaissance operations at the border that now ran through the Deneb Sector. Throughout the conflict the vessel ran scouting missions in both Dominion and Breen territory as well as acting as a courier for both personnel and materials to resupply the front.

During the conflict she provided support to the USS Nestus (NCC-88014) in their operation within the Oromal Cluster to eliminate a Breen research base, where intelligence suggested a new dampening weapon was being developed. Acting as a distraction to draw away the base's small defensive force she provided the team time to enter the base and remove the threat. Unfortunately the base was discovered to have been abandoned by the researchers and was being operated as a decoy. Daedalus along with Nestus were forced to retreat out of the system and rallied with the main fleet at Farpoint, both providing combat support during the battle.

False Shepherd Mission

In 2401, following the end of the Lost Fleet threat Daedalus started a new chapter as host for Starfleet Science's fast response team, Theta-Squad. With a minor refit to internal systems to support the new operating profile the vessel and crew found a renewed vigour working in familiar territory on the Cardassian border.

Their first mission took them to investigate Bletchley Base, a joint Cardassian/Federation research station located at the edge of the Former Demilitarized Zone that had been out of communication. Deployed to investigate and secure the base Daedalus departed Starbase 72 shortly before the Frontier Day celebrations were due to take place.

We Are The Borg

In mid 2401 Daedalus was dispatched to the Talvath Cluster as part of the Fourth Fleet's response to increased Borg activity across Federation space and beyond. Upon arrival at the cluster Daedalus spent several days pursuing a mystery signal or Borg origin with little success. Whilst an engineering team undertook EV operations to refit an exterior sensor cluster as a last ditch attempt to discover the source of the signal a depowered and severly damaged Borg Sphere (later identified as Exodus) neared the vessel, it's approach masked by the heavy electromagnetic interference in the area. The vessel bore unusual damage and signs of repairs not common for the Collective, including a large exterior painted S.O.S.

Having established the sphere to be severly damaged an appearing inactive, Captain Tanek dispatched Theta Squad and his XO, Dil Khos, to the vessel via shuttlecraft to investigate further. When they boarded they found the vessel to be severly damaged internally and low on power, it was not as abandoned as expected with several survivors aboard claiming to be the remnants of Unimatrix Zero. Their leader, a Brunali named Brynn, requested Daedalus' aid in restoring the vessel and thus saving the last survivors of Unimatrix Zero and their memories stored within the vessel's Vinculum.

Despite tense relationships with some of the survivors Theta Squad proceeded to provide support to the vesse, during their work discovering inconcistencies in the survivors information and the records of the vessel. This culminated with an incident where Petty Officer Ole was attacked by a remnant of Borg technology that was acting autonimously in a feral state. When the community's defacto doctor Aramook joined the crew aboard Daedalus and removed the agressive technology from the petty officer he revealed intelligence that indicated the Borg Collective had undertaken a major shift in structure and dynamic. He indicated the Hive Mind was exploring other options of territorial expansion and survival after viewing the adaptation that was the emergence of the Borg Queen to be an ineffective pathway; he suggested the Collective was retreating from engaging with the United Federation of Planets and returning its focus to expanding deeper into the Delta Quadrant.

As the team continued to build a relationship with the survivors they discovered the Sphere to be holding several hundred inactive Borg Drones and evidence against the communities leader; as the team made their way to secure the vessel he revealed it to be more functional than it initially appeared and took the vessel to warp with Daedalus in pursuit.

Unfortuantely the vessel was unable to survive the rigors of warp travel and was destroyed by an explosion appearing to originate in it's power generators. Exodus was lost with Theta Squad aboard. During their investigation of the wreckage Daedalus discovered the barely active Vinculum, which was discovered to be housing the identities of dozens of Unimatrix members believed to have died. Daedalus returned to Starbase 72 to a secure research dock, carrying Aramook and the last survivors of Unimatrix Zero who have been given refugee status by the Federation. The Daedalus returns to the reserves.

Post We Are The Borg

Captain Helena Dread is assigned to the Daedalus with most of the crew from the USS Olympic to combat the combined threat of Patra, The True Way, and The Orion Syndicate. Patra attempted to have his revenge on the USS Mackenzie, but was foiled with Pandora Crawford, Carolyn Crawford's MU doppelganger took forceful control of his section of the Orion Syndicate.

The Daedalus was then drawn into a conflict between two colonies in the Demilitarized Zone where a Cardassian and a Bajoran teenager were found to be in love. With the help of the Mackenzie, a summit was called in order to help mediate the situation. An updated presentation of Romeo and Juliet was decided on as an additional way to help convince the two sides come to an agreement and not armed conflict.

Notable Crew

Commanding Officers