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The USS Nestus is a Raven-class corvette assigned to the Fourth Fleet. Equipped to venture on missions of a month or less, the Nestus comfortably accommodates a variable crew of 10 to 20. With an etymology dating back to a mythological river god, the USS Nestus serves as a winding link between lakes of mystery and the oceanic depths of undiscovered knowledge. Be it missions of exploration, research or diplomacy, the crew of Nestus seeks out the undefined bonds that hold civilizations together.

Most recently assigned as the home of Theta Squad, one of Starfleet Security's rapid response teams, they work throughout Federation space to provide investigation and 'management' of incidents of a scienctific nature, experiements gone awry & secure dangerous tech.

Operational History

Storm in a Teacup

From late 2399 to early 2400, the Nestus and her interim crews were commanded by Commander Taes on archaeology and anthropology missions.

On her first mission in 2400, the USS Nestus conducted an anthropological study into Federation emergency management through the experiences of Eldflaugar lunar colonists, who were displaced from their homes by the Century Storm. Nestus experienced a harrowing flight through the edge of one those ion storm en route to her mission. The colonists were relocated to the planet Haven by the USS Gheryzan and the crew of the Nestus embedded in the Gheryzan's relief efforts to begin observations of the survivors of Eldflaugar. As survivors were canvassed for their informed consent to participate in the study, the crew's anthropologists began ethnographic interviews to understand the survivors current and ancestral experiences of coping through disasters.

Mission logs from the Nestus note several irregularities to the mission, including the discovery of leading questions in the ethnographic interview and Commander Taes taking the Eldflaugar leaders on an orbit of Haven in one of the Gheryzan's shuttles without a documented flight plan. Following a thorough audit of the study, the crew of the Nestus was able to complete their anthropological survey with the blessing of the Eldflaugar. All of the gathered data was delivered to a science team on Starbase Bravo for further study. Nestus experienced warp engine troubles due to her flight through the ion storm and required repairs on Starbase 72. By the time Nestus was repaired to flight-ready status, Commander Taes had been assigned a starship command of her own.

Lonely Lights - Operation: Sundered Wings

Recently re-assigned to Theta Sqaud following repairs the team were deployed across the opposite side of Federation space as part of the Fourth Fleet's Operation: Sundered Wings. Following the discovery of evidence of Isolytic weapons testing in the recently disputed Romulan Territory, Theta Squad was dispatched to investigate and if necessary stop these dangerous experiments.

An Alternate Way

Following their work in disputed romulan territory Nestus returned to Starbase 72 for their next assignment. Working in a support role to a larger task force they provided assistance to ongoing efforts in the Former Demilitarized Zone to support colony growth. During this time they also operated missions to prevent the True Way's predatory attacks on colony resources and trading in the region.

Lost Memories - The Lost Fleet

Dispatched as part of the Fourth Fleet's response to a re-emerged Dominion threat in the Deneb Sector due to the appearence of the Lost Fleet. Nestus was assigned to investigate reports of the combined Breen-Dimion research base located in the Oromal Cluster. Following unsuccessful long range recon from the Federation side of the border into the occupied territory, the team considered options to cross the border and collect more accurate sensor scans. Deploying alone in a shuttle the team's pilot, T'Sal, crossed the border and began surveilling the cluster from the shelter of a shattered exoplanet at the edge of the system. Unfortuantely T'sal was discovereed in the process of confirming the precenve of the base, hidden between 2 large suns at the centre of the cluster, leading to a confliuct with Dominion patrol vessels that ultimately ended with the loss of the shuttle & pilot.

Having lost a team member, the crew of Nestus were driven with a new urgency to complete the mission. Scavenging the flight recorder from the destroyed shuttle they were able to confirm the base's location from the recorded sensor data. With reinforcements from a neaby Fourth Fleet patrol, who provided a distraction for the base's patrols, Nestus was able to use the heavy electromagnetic radiation from the stellar cluster to mask their approach to the base. Hiding in the shadow of the base, anchored in a perpetual tug-of-war between the massive gravity wells of the stars, Theta Squad deployed onto the Breen station.

Whilst on the base Theta squad discovered the research base to be a large scale mobile weapons platform, fitted with a scaled version of the Breen dampening weapon that had caused so much damage in the Dominion War. After journeying through the base they discovered the experiemnt had been abandoned following unsuccesful attempts to scale the Breen bio-technology to a weapon capable of engaging a Starbase level target; the base had been left behind on basic automation by the Lost Fleet forces in the hopes that it would act as a distraction to the Fourth Fleet. with the mission a percieved failure by the team, including the loss of a comrade, Nestus and Theta Squad retreated back to Starbase 72 to heal their wounds.

Unable to reconcile the loss of his team member Theta Squad leader Maine has been temporarly stood down, with command of the Squad and thus Nestus moving to Lieutenant Commander Biban Th’erhilnon. Following the mission to the Oromal Cluster Nestus rejoined the fleet at large for the Battle at Farpoint, providing support to vessels damaged in the fight.

With the threat of the Lost Fleet dealt with, command decided that the dangers inherent in Theta Squad's work necessitate a larger support platform, both strategically and personally. The team were moved to a larger vessel to continue their work and Nestus has returned to the fleet reserves for the next chapter of its life.

Notable Crew

Commanding Officers