USS Apollo (NCC-82789)

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The USS Apollo was a Rhode Island-class scout assigned to Arcturus Squadron, before being decommissioned in 2401. Captain Sean Gaudain was her final captain from early 2399 onward.


Launched in 2390, the Apollo served under various captains before coming under the command of Captain Sean Gaudain in 2399. Under his command, this ship was an important part of Starfleet's early exploratory efforts in the Nacene Reach.


For the first quarter of 2399, the Apollo was assigned to accompany the USS Arcturus as part of Commodore Elizabeth Hayden's mission to the Nacene Reach. In the early part of January of that year, it participated in a war game against ships of the Andorian Imperial Guard. Once in the Delta Quadrant, it engaged in skirmishes with several Kazon groups as part of a mission to destroy the wreckage of a lost Federation science vessel to avoid Starfleet technology falling into Kazon hands.

Apollo returned to the Alpha Quadrant with Arcturus in March of 2399 for debriefing, but was pulled into the Battle of Barzan II upon exiting the wormhole. During this battle, Vice Admiral Jonathan Knox was killed by the Breen. Following that attack, Apollo continued to serve under now-Rear Admiral Hayden in her reconstituted Task Force 9 to interdict Breen attacks.

By the end of 2399, Apollo required a substantial refit at Starbase Bravo and the majority of her crew were either given time off or transferred to other postings.


The Apollo, still under Captain Gaudain's command, was ordered to transport Vice Admiral Felix Kominek to Parliament in early 2400 as a test of the captain's fitness to hold the center seat. Later in 2400, Apollo returned to the Delta Quadrant and embarked on long-range reconnaisance and threat assessment activities. She responded to a Federation distress call only to find a long-abandoned Federation medical vessel that had been sucked into the Delta Quadrant by a subspace anomaly. The volatile biomimetic gel it was carrying interacted with an alien pathogen to create a virulent super virus that had been ravaging a nearby world for almost two decades, but the Apollo's team was able to stop the effects of that disease.


The Apollo was decommissioned in 2401 to make way for her successor, the Duderstadt-class scout cruiser Apollo.

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