USS Brawley

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"Beelieve you can and you're halfway there."
    —Theodore Roosevelt

The USS Brawley is a California-class multi-mission support vessel. She is assigned to the Fourth Fleet's Task Force 86. Operating near The Triangle, the Brawley is sent on missions ranging from Diplomatic Escort, Search and Rescue, cargo hauling, and every support faceted mission in between. Its current commanding officer is Captain Logan Walker.


The USS Brawley is an aging California-class Utility Cruiser. Commissioned in 2371 at Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards, she underwent her first refit a decade ago. The ship has only had one prior commanding officer before her current billing and is used in support of larger, and more important, Starfleet vessels. She performs important but quotidian missions ranging from minor scientific surveys, to medical and engineering support missions, and routine transport assignments including diplomatic attaches. Though she won’t be the center of anyone but her own crew's attention, she serves to function as a single cog in the greater Starfleet apparatus. The work she does may not be glamorous but it is certainly essential to fleet operations and civilian infrastructure.

Notable Crew

Commanding Officers


The USS Brawley is a standard California-class engineering variant. The engineering support variant has a larger concentration of engineering personnel, as well as enhanced structural integrity and tractor-beam systems, which make it well-suited for towing missions. These vessels have gold paint.

Auxiliary Craft


  • Type-8 Shuttle craft x 10
  • Type-9A Cargo Shuttle x 7


  • Argo-class Ground Vehicles x 4