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"Beware of little expenses - a small leak will sink a great ship."
    —Benjamin Franklin - Ship's Dedication Quote

USS Blythe (NCC-12114) is a California-class utility cruiser assigned to the Fourth Fleet. The Blythe initially was equipped as a science support variant of her class, with science-teal markings on the hull and significant interior space devoted to science labs and probe storage. In 2401, the Blythe underwent a refit aimed at reconfiguring it for a Command role, and as part of this transformation, it was repainted in a distinctive red colour to signify this change in its mission profile.

First Commission (2385 - 2390)

Throughout the initial decade of active service, the Blythe was intermittently utilized for short transport, scientific, or repair assignments, although not on a significant scale. Under the leadership of Captain Frank Tipper, the Blythe was just one among many, with no notable events documented during this period.

Decommissioned Period (2390 - 2393)

Following Blythe's initial commission, it was temporarily decommissioned, partly due to the California-class starships gaining notoriety for structural issues. Given a lower priority by Starfleet, the vessel underwent a gradual refit at the Utopia Planetia Fleet Yards. However, the political environment led to occasional delays in the refitting process.

Second Comission (2393 - 2401)

The Blythe's crew under the command of Captain Leeroy Jenkins included a sizeable science department, half of whom were civilian scientists. By the end of the rotation, part of the diplomatic efforts of Task Force 17, the joint crew was engaged in a long-term mission to explore lasting peace between the Federation and the Free State by working together in the pursuit of knowledge.

Relishing in exploratory research of the social sciences, the Blythe's crew of archaeologists and anthropologists often took the slow road, following in the footsteps of explorers and cruisers discovering new civilizations.

After a successful rotation the Blythe returned to Utopia Planetia Fleet Yards for a full decommission.

Third Commission (2401 - 2401)

After the events of the 250th Frontier Day in 2401 the decommission orders were cancelled and the USS Blythe was brought into active service again. This time the Blythe dawned red colors and served as a support vessel for the deep space operations of Task Force 17.

Being one of the few ships left in Starfleet without the NX12.11 Fleet Formation Protocol the USS Blythe was commissioned by Starfleet instead of another unnamed vessel. The Blythe and its newfound crew were tasked with investigating a potential Dominion threat in the Alpha Quadrant.

Following several months during which Captain Crowe and his crew contributed to the peace and security of the Deneb sector, the Blythe received orders to return to Deep Space 17. There, the crew disembarked and proceeded on their journey aboard the USS Io a Luna-class light explorer.

Command History

As of 2401, the Blythe has had three commanding officers.


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The USS Blythe belongs to the California-class utility cruiser category, configured for Command and Tactical missions. Similar to other ships of the California-class, the Blythe is a prevalent and versatile starship class that has played a significant role within Federation space.

It engages in vital yet routine missions, encompassing minor scientific surveys, medical and engineering support operations, as well as standard transport tasks. These ships operate inconspicuously but are indispensable to Starfleet's endeavours, and they offer various specialized variants to suit specific mission requirements. The interior design of the Blythe closely mirrors that of the much larger Galaxy-class starships, providing a familiar and consistent atmosphere.