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Starbase Eleven
Star System:

Yko system

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  • 2162 (original)
  • 2355 (new)
Starbase 11 is a Starfleet planetary-based starship repair, resupply and maintenance facility as well as serving as a command post for the Federation. Located 42 light years from Earth, the outpost serves as the headquarters for Starfleet's Fourth Fleet, codenamed "Bravo Fleet". Starbase 11 hosts a majority of the Fourth Fleet's operational staff and is one of the most important facilities in the entirety of Starfleet spanning it's history back to nearly the birth of the Federation itself. Located on the planet Yko Prime, an M class moon in orbit of a J class gas giant, south of the Fourth of July Nebula.

In orbit are numerous dry dock facilities, a newly built Spacedock-class starbase which replaced the aging K-class one, and an orbital defense perimeter. On the surface is one large city which contains highly advanced medical facilities and hospitals, a dedicated computer core, and the primary Starfleet command post.



Starbase 11 was one of the first major space based facilities outside of systems of the original Federation charter members. Originally constructed in 2162 comprised mostly of dry dock facilities, Starbase 11 was strategically placed in orbit of the fourth planet of the Yko system: an uninhabited M-class world. The original inception of the starbase was to have a staging outpost to be a stepping stone between Earth and the Romulan Neutral Zone in case the Romulans decided to take advantage of the Federations dropped guard in lieu of the fresh treaty between the two powers. However as the idea of the Romulans attacking became less and less likely the Federation ordered Starfleet to establish several dry dock facilites adjacent to the facility to help better accompany repairs to starships in the field. This lessened the load of the dry dock facilities around highly populated Federation worlds and increased the prominence of Starbase 11.

The importance of Starbase 11 was made immediately apparent by the establishment of a starbase commander - a Starfleet admiral - to prove that Starfleet Command was interested in making Starbase 11 the first of many major establishements outside of the core territories. Over the span of ten years, Starbase 11 proved to indeed to be a successful outpost capable of self support. With the growing civilian population Starfleet was also forced to begin bringing in more Starfleet personnel to help better manage the day to day dealings of the station.

By 2190 Starbase 11 was, without any doubt, the single most important starbase in the Federation. With the turn of the century bearing down on Starfleet it was decided they would finally build fifteen more facilities in a similar fashion to that as Starbase 11. As the century turned the original intentions for Starbase 11 - a strategic, military outpost for resupply and repair - became less and less prominent, while still one of it's now many roles. It began sharing it's original primary role with that of a center of interplanetary diplomacy, intermingling of Federation cultures and a center for trade.

The Klingon Threat

As the deacdes continued on, Starbase 11 continuned to be a great success, better than anyone could've hoped for, and served as home to Starfleet's Second and Fourth Fleets. As the 23rd century continued on tensions between the Federation and Klingon Empires continued to escalate quickly with all attempts at diplomacy quickly failing. As the Romulans sat on the side lines officially, they unofficially had no problem making surgical strikes along their respective borders with the two empires when it suited them. Although the border skirmishes were significantly more often against the Federation than the Klingons. Finally a K-type starbase was built in orbit to help defend the strategic location.

The original Starbase 11

Starbase 11 was used as a staging ground to assemble a plan that had been put together to change the face of the Federation and it's interactions with other empires forever. Using Starbase 11, a fleet of nearly a hundred Starfleet vessels were split up into two and dispatched to the two borders shared with the Romulans and Klingons. There, listening posts and small outposts were constructed all along the borders and starships were now assigned tours of duty along the borders.This was a successful attempt by Starfleet Command and the Federation Council to better secure the borders and prove that the Federation would not allow these incursions to continue and sit idly by while they were encroached upon.

For a while this kept both the Klingons and Romulans at bay. However the two soon learned that if, even for a short while, they could put their differences aside and work together they could eliminate the Federation and go back to the peace and indifference for one another they shared before the formation of the Federation. By the mid 23rd century Starbase 11 was used as a quick resupply stop for ships as full out war was about to break out between the Klingons and the Federation. By that time the Romulans had already shared their cloaking technology with the Klingons in exchange for some warp engine and ship designs which would later prove successful. The cloaking technology given to the Klingons, however, would prove a decicive advantage to the Klingons on a first strike advantage. As several task forces were being formed at Starbase 11 to be prepared to be launched to the Klingon Neutral Zone the entire war was quickly and suddenly adverted by outside interference, but the point that Starbase 11 was the last staging area between core Federation territory and the Klingon Empire, and to some extent the Romulan Empire, was clear.

By the time the Khitomer Accords were signed in 2293 Starbase 11 was yet again turned from a strategic staging ground for combat to a center for cultural diversity and trade where it remained for the next fifty years.

The new Starbase 11 under construction


In the year 2349 the Starbase 11 orbital facilities were exactly 187 years old. This placed it as far beyond it's life expectancy as anyone could have expected. The station was quickly falling apart even after decades of upgrades, refits and remodels but the need for a decommission was painfully apparent. With appeal to Starfleet Command for resources, the commander of Starbase 11 was able to get a reconstruction of the station directly next to the current one while it remained in operation. After six years of construction the new Starbase 11 was officially activated and commissioned while the former K-type was decommissioned. The massive new facility was able to accomodate nearly five times the crew and civilian population as before increasing it's prominence even more than ever. Culturally, Starbase 11 has had a large impact, having served as one of the most significant places in all of the Federation for the Klingon Empire to send ships, scientists and ambassadors to help the Federation better learn and understand the Klingon Empire, Klingon people, culture and traditions.

Starbase 11 enjoyed relative quietness from the Khitomer Accords up until the re-emergence of the Romulan Empire on the galactic scene. Although much closer to the Klingon Empire, now the Federation's closest ally, Starbase 11 was still within striking distance of the Romulan Empire as well. This allowed for Starbase 11 to be a "rear line" resupply and convergence outpost against the Romulans.

After the initial increased tensions between the Romulans and Federation, which caused the re-emergence of the Romulans in the first place, was discovered to be the acts of the Borg Collective, Starbase 11 was tactically repoised to focus it's efforts against the Borg threat. Starbase 11 now serves as the Headquarters of the Fourth Fleet and an important command hub in the Federation.