Klingon Defense Force

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Klingon Faction

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The official military in the Klingon Empire, usually abbreviated as KDF.

The KDF are represented on the High Council by the senior officer, la' quv.

Though there are technically two branches in the KDF they are not usually referred to as being separate in any way. The two branches however become more distinct with vessels involved in the exchange program with Starfleet.

The two branches are:


Almost entirely restricted to Officers. On a vessel the following positions are usually Fleet - Bridge crew, Engineers, Science and Medical.


All noncommissioned personal are weHwI' as are officers in the Guard. The Guard are often compared to Starfleet Marines but in most cases also carry out the duties that Starfleet Security would perform. In some cases officers of the weHwI' may perform Fleet duties. There are a few vessels that are crewed entirely by weHwI'.