Operations Office Policy

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This article is official Bravo Fleet Official Policy.

The Bravo Fleet Operations Office is the department responsible for overseeing unit leadership and the RPGs laid out in Section 1.3 of the General Operating Policy. It is led and managed by the Bravo Fleet Operations Officer, as per the Article III, Bravo Fleet Charter Article III, Section 2.

Section 1 - Operations Office Composition

  1. The Bravo Fleet Operations Officer leads the department.
  2. The Bravo Fleet Deputy Operations Officer supports the leadership of the department.
  3. Task Force Commanding Officer (TFCO) & Task Force Executive Officer (TFXO) of each Task Force are members of the department. They will carry out their duties in line with all policies, procedures and practices shared by the Operations Office and other Fleet policies.
  4. The Role Playing Game (RPG) Team supports and mentors all of the Game Managers for Bravo Fleet’s role-playing games to ensure policies and procedures are followed by everyone.
    1. This team supports the Bravo Fleet Operations Officer in reviewing RPG proposals.

Section 2 - Task Force Administration

2.1 Dossier Reviews

  1. Task Force staff are expected to review the dossiers of all members in their task forces on a regular basis.
    1. Each week, TF Staff are expected to check the dossiers of all members of Lieutenant Commander and under to see if any nominations can be made for awards or promotions and make them if warranted.
    2. Each month, TFCOs and TFXOs are expected to check the dossiers of all members Commander and higher, to see if any nominations can be made for awards or promotions.

2.1.1 Inactive Members Review

  1. Each week, TF Staff should check the Inactive Member section on the BFMS dashboard and follow the AWOL section of the OCS Policy.

2.2 Submission of Awards & Promotions

  1. TF Staff must share their award and promotion nominations in TF staff lounges on the BF Discord.
    1. For promotion nominations for the cadet ranks - TF Staff must share that they are making a nomination for these to avoid duplicate nominations being submitted to the OCS.
    2. For promotion for ranks midshipman and above and awards, nominations will be written and shared in the TF staff lounges. This ensures that before it is submitted to the OCS, everyone who can contribute can review the nomination and offer additional recommendations if that member is a staff member or improvements need to be made.

2.3 Submission of Task Force Reports

  1. Task Force reports are intended to give members an idea of what has been happening in the Task Force since the last report. These reports should include the following:
    1. A welcome message/introduction - a brief paragraph introducing everyone to the report.
    2. Task Force Updates - which will consist of anything that has happened (e.g. Priority Missions, Wiki updates, etc.)
    3. Fiction Updates - these are intended to give a summary of what has been happening with members’ fictions since the last report.
    4. Task Force recognitions - a way to highlight those who have earned a promotion and medal since the previous report.
    5. Conclusions/closing remarks - a brief paragraph to end the report on a good note.
  2. TFCOs must show a draft of the report for the Bravo Fleet Operations Officer to review before it is published.
  3. Report dates will be set at the discretion of the Bravo Fleet Operations Officer. These will be set on a quarterly basis.

2.3.1 Other Task Force Announcements via BFMS

  1. If another announcement via the BFMS is required, TF Staff will share this in their TF Staff area first as a draft and receive approval from the Bravo Fleet Operations Officer before publication.
    1. If the announcement is linked to the Intelligence Office, the Bravo Fleet Intelligence Officer must approve it before sharing it.

2.4 Engagement with Members and Official Responses to Members

  1. On a daily basis, TF Staff are encouraged to check their Discord PMs, TF lounges and personal email (if it is used for BF).
    1. Daily check-ins in the TF Lounge can be shared among TF Staff to help with sharing and balancing out responsibilities.
    2. Doing something on Discord to get the members of a TF interested and responding will help foster relationships and TF-wide excitement. Activity begets activity. Engagement begets engagement.
    3. On a weekly basis, promotions of any active competitions and events happening in Bravo Fleet in the TF lounges are expected by the TF Staff.
    4. Any questions from members should be responded to preferably within 48 hours and a maximum of 72 hours. This should take place in the same location it was asked (e.g. TF lounge or in another channel).

2.4.1 Engagement and responding to matters from members of Bravo Fleet Command / Bravo Fleet Senior Staff

  1. All interaction around TF-related matters must take place in appropriate staff channels.
  2. When discussions have started, TF staff should respond to matters raised within 48 hours (unless TF staff are on LOA).
  3. There is an expectation that TF Staff interact within their staff lounge areas on a weekly basis. If they are not, then this may lead to them being removed as TF Staff.

2.4.2 Task Force-Hosted competitions

  1. When fleet events are not taking place, TF staff should be encouraging their members to create their own competition (following Section 3 of the OCS Policy).
  2. TF Staff should, on a quarterly basis, run between 4-6 competitions each.
    1. This should not happen during a fleet event as the Bravo Fleet Senior Staff will run competitions.

2.5 Maintaining Task Force BFMS Entry

  1. Each Task Force has a unit page on the BFMS. The TF Staff must maintain the assignment of members into Task Groups (TG).
    1. When a new member joins the TF, the TF Staff will place them into a TG.
    2. Changes to TF Staff listed on these pages will be updated by either the Bravo Fleet Operations Officer or Task Force Commanding Officer when appointments are made.

2.4 Maintaining Task Force Wiki Entries

  1. Each Task Force will have their own entry on the Wiki. The TF Staff will be responsible for maintaining this in line with the policies set out and overseen by the Bravo Fleet Intelligence Officer.
    1. Maintaining a list of the active commands (including ships, starbases and squadrons) encourages members to develop and share their own canon and be involved in BF canon.
    2. In consultation with the Bravo Fleet Intelligence Officer, TF Staff should maintain the TF’s history. This should be updated after an event, a campaign or an operation.