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Bravo Fleet Intelligence Officer
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Member of

Bravo Fleet Command

In Character Title

Director of Fourth Fleet Intelligence


The Bravo Fleet Intelligence Officer (BFIO) is a voting member of Bravo Fleet Command responsible for coordinating and creating the Fleet's canon. They manage the development and establishment of new and ongoing elements of Fleet Canon, supervise the wiki, and determine and advance fleet-wide storylines. Their responsibility includes administration of the Command Registry of ships and starbases, and processing new Commands.

As the final arbitrator on Fleet Canon, the Intelligence Officer also advises other department heads, particularly the Bravo Fleet Operations Officer, or Task Force Senior Staff on storylines, games, or other content relevant to the Canon Policy.

This position is established under Article III of the Bravo Fleet Charter.

General Duties

  • Operating the Bravo Fleet Intelligence Office;
  • Coordinating with Task Force Staff to develop and create canon;
  • Maintaining Bravo Fleet's canon databases (wiki, and aspects of BFMS);
  • Maintaining a standard of unified canon throughout Bravo Fleet;
  • Approving new species, in-character organizations, and starship specifications;
  • Administering the Bravo Fleet Command Registry.

Specific Duties

Creating and Developing Fleet Canon

  • Keeps track of new developments in Trek canon and makes appropriate decisions on how and when to incorporate them into fleet canon;
  • Decides on additions to fleet canon, including starship specifications, new species, in-character organisations, and so forth;
  • Communicates developments and changes to fleet canon through means such as wiki articles, BFMS Stories, or Fleet News.
  • Oversees the canon of all fleet-wide events, including directly managing the campaign for Fleet Actions;
  • Provides guidance and approval for storylines and plot content from other departments or task forces;
  • Guides members in their engagement with fleet canon, creation of member canon, and writing through BFMS.


  • Jointly responsible with the Bravo Fleet Internet Officer for administering user roles and access;
  • Manages the development of templates and other wiki resources;
  • Maintains quality standards of the wiki, including appropriate labelling of fleet canon;
  • Ensures the wiki is up-to-date with the latest developments in fleet canon.

Command Registry and Fictions

  • Maintains the Command Registry on BFMS in-line with changes to ship names and classes;
  • Processes Avatar Command requests and changes by members;
  • Coordinates with the Bravo Fleet Operations Officer in the approval of RPG proposals;
  • Approves or reject Fiction proposals, including the creation and appointment of new registry entries where necessary;
  • Ensures Fictions abide by the terms of their proposal, including content and activity levels.

In Character Role

The Director of Fourth Fleet Intelligence oversees all intelligence gathering and analysis relevant to the mandate of the Fourth Fleet and its Task Forces. Their office provides guidance to unit leaders, including the Bravo Fleet Commanding Officer, in-line with this intelligence, and ensures all operations are fully briefed and informed. They work closer than other Fourth Fleet Directors with other Starfleet units or foreign forces and governments.

Holders of Office