Bravo Fleet Operations Officer

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Bravo Fleet Operations Officer
Basic Information

BFOps / Ops

Member of

Bravo Fleet Command

In Character Title

Director of Fourth Fleet Operations


The Bravo Fleet Operations Officer (BFOps) is a voting member of Bravo Fleet Command responsible for managing Bravo Fleet's Task Forces. This position is established under Article III of the Bravo Fleet Charter

General Duties

  • Operating the Bravo Fleet Operations Office;
  • Overseeing Bravo Fleet's task units;
    • Assisting Task Force Senior Staff in the administration of their Task Force;
    • Training new Task Force Commanding Officers.
  • Overseeing Bravo Fleet's role-playing groups.

Specific Duties

Mentoring and Overseeing Unit Leaders

  • Serves as the next rung in the chain of command for all task unit inquiries not related to any particular department's sphere of influence, and the first step in saying yes or not to a potential unit-level request;
  • Ensures that staffing needs are being met by identifying possible leaders and helping to determine which units would be the best fit for their talents;
  • Updates task unit pages with new task unit leaders;
  • Assists task force staff in learning to use the appropriate parts of the BFMS for their duties;
  • Ensures that task force staff follow established procedures, typically procedures established by other departments;
  • Assists task force staff in writing nominations for medals and promotions as needed, especially in terms of ensuring that the relevant department heads are consulted for these nominations; and,
  • Formally appoints task force executive officers, upon recommendation of the relevant TFCO and in consultation with the BFCO and BFXO.

Coordinating Unit Activities

  • Organizes efforts of task forces to create cohesive competition offerings between larger fleet events, especially to ensure that units are not duplicating efforts or creating scheduling conflicts;
  • Ensures that task force-level competition proposals fit within the scope of the fleet's plan, i.e. not offering fiction contests during campaigns and making sure STO competitions are run by the gaming office; and,
  • In coordination with the CoS, helps ensure that competition results are returned in a timely and accurate manner.

Overseeing RPGs

  • Appoints and dismisses Roleplaying Game Managers (GMs);
  • Ensures that GMs follow the appropriate fleet policies in the administration of their game;
  • Approves or rejects proposals for new RPGs in coordination with the BF Intelligence Officer; and,
  • Ensures that games maintain appropriate wiki and BFMS records.

In Character Role

The Bravo Fleet Operations Officer serves as the in-character Director of Fleet Operations for the Fourth Fleet, who is the day-to-day field commander of the Fourth Fleet's assets, giving direct orders to the four task forces, and the Fourth Fleet Expeditionary Group. While the Chief of Staff is the head of the policy-setting arm of the fourth fleet's upper bureaucratic machinery, the operations officer is tasked with implementing those policies and meeting the fleet's objectives, i.e. operationalizing policy.

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