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The Nacene Reach is an area of space several thousand light-years in diameter approximately 70,000 light-years from Federation space named for the Nacene, a powerful race of extragalactic explorers who travelled through this area of space centuries ago and built the array that brought the starship Voyager to the Delta Quadrant. As of 2399, it is the latest area to be charted by Starfleet, connected to the Barzan System (Alpha Quadrant) every ninety-one days by way of the Barzan Wormhole. This area has largely been unexplored since Voyager was last here in 2372, so the Federation ships in this area have been tasked with re-establishing contact with the races in the area to see what potential there is for trade and continued exploration through the wormhole.


Initial Exploration

In 2371, the USS Voyager first entered the Nacene Reaches in 2371 when it was pulled by a coherent tetreyon beam from the Badlands to the Ocampa System. For almost three years, Voyager travelled through this area of space until it exited into the Nekrit Expanse, making several first contacts along the way, most notably, the Ocampa, the Talaxians, the Haakonian Order, the Kazon Collective, the Trabe and the Vidiian Sodality.

Renewed Efforts

In 2388, the USS Banting, in an attempt to use a salvaged Borg transwarp coil, was thrown far from its destination and past Borg Space through a fluke accident that resulted in them ending up near the Takar system. After re-establishing contact with the Federation through the Pathfinder Project, Starfleet was able to guide them to the Delta Quadrant end of the Barzan wormhole, where they participated in an experiment to stabilise it in 2389, remaining on station until they were relieved by a series of other science vessels who maintained near radio-silence while the situation was evaluated. By 2399, a relay station had been deployed at the mouth of the wormhole and a task group deployed to explore the region more fully.

There are no major Starfleet facilities besides a relay station at the mouth of the Barzan Wormhole in this area of space, nor are there any Federation colonies.

Species and Lifeforms

Major Powers

  • Kazon Collective The Kazon Collective is the most dominant power in this region of space, though they are technologically-inferior to nearly every other race in the area. They maintain their superiority through sheer numbers and force of will; it's not worth it for the more advanced races to try to contain them when doing so would undoubtedly unit the fractured sects against whoever attacked them. One-on-one, Kazon raiders are little threat to Starfleet vessels, but their carriers do pose a threat. Kazon ships are rarely found alone, unfortunately, and the best practice is simply to avoid them. Starfleet has a strict policy against technology trading of any kind with the Kazon and all starships have standing orders to self-destruct or be scuttled to avoid capture and their technology following into Kazon hands, due to the threat they would pose to the rest of the quadrant with advanced technology.
  • Vidiian Sodality The Vidiian Sodality is a nation-state ravished by a disease known as The Phage which causes the Vidiians to seek out other life-forms to harvest their organs and tissue to replace their own. They have a fearsome reputation in this area of space and should be avoided at all costs, as their ships are a match for smaller Starfleet vessels, which they grapple onto with physical cables. Before the Phage, the Vidiians had a reputation as artists and architects, but the disease has driven them to extreme measures for the survival of their species. Starfleet, hopeful based on the success of one cooperation between Voyager and the Vidiians, is interested in developing a cure for the Phage, if that is even possible.
  • Haakonian Order The Haakonian Order is an interstellar power that covers a relatively large area of space up to the border of the Nekrit Expanse. They are warlike and were responsible for subjugating the Talaxians, who now live under occupation in the Autonomous Province of Talax.

Minor Powers


The Nacene Reach in Play

Note: This is an OOC section designed to give players and group managers a sense of what this area of space is all about.

  • This area of space is resource-poor and the powers at work here are technologically inferior to the Federation, especially compared to the Gradin Belt. People here are desperate to survive and no one power has control of the area. The Federation's exploratory efforts are focused on figuring out why this area of space lacks so many common resources and on maintaining the peace in the region, as far as the Prime Directive allows.
  • The Nekrit Expanse provides a natural barrier that shields this region from the more advanced races further towards the galactic core, like the Borg.