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Haakonian Order
Basic Information
Major Species

Haakonian, Talaxian (subjugated)



Official Language

Haakonian (main)

Political Information
Governance Type



Unknown; military infrastructure


The Haakonian Order is the interstellar power of the Haakonian species. Regarded as warlike and ruthless by their neighbours and the Talaxian species, whom they dominated through their use of the Metreon Cascade, their technology is inferior to that of the Federation’s, not yet having transporter or replication technology. However, they control a vast area of space around the Nacene Reach, which is guarded jealously, and they can field a considerable armada against external threats, making them one of the foremost powers in the region. Despite their apparent militaristic attitudes, they do not necessarily reject diplomatic overtures, so long as their sovereignty is respected and acknowledged.


The Haakonian Order has a strict military structure, which controls the primary facets of Haakonian life, but not in a necessarily tyrannical fashion. Nearly all scientific endeavours and primary concerns of living are managed through the military structure, which is the primary means by which citizens can gain authority and sway in their state, although many details beyond this are currently unknown. Whilst the rights of subjugated species are minorly acknowledged and respected, such as the Talaxians that are controlled via the Autonomous State of Talax, they are considered vassals and wield little true political power within the Order, although individual Haakonians are known to have sympathy and respect for their underlings.


Haakonian shuttle, circa 2371.
Like many races in the Nacene Reach, the Haakonian Order would be considered to be technologically behind the Federation and its Alpha Quadrant contemporaries, as they do not have replicator or transporter technology. Nevertheless, the Haakonians have a considerable number of well-armed vessels of varying sizes capable of waging prolonged stellar conflict, and have the technological prowess to construct and deploy weapons of mass destruction, such as the Metreon Cascade device of the Haakonian-Talaxian War. Whilst such weapons remain available to the Haakonians, political and cultural backlash has resulted in no further uses of the weapon, although conflict with a powerful foe could result in their deployment.

In conflict with several Haakonian vessels or such weapons, a singular Starfleet vessel would risk defeat or destruction.

Their vessels have been documented as reaching the furthest sectors of the Nacene Reach and beyond, indicating the capacity for long-distance travel and an awareness of other local and extralocal powers.


The Haakonians, as individuals, are comparable to humans in their characteristics. Whilst they have submitted themselves to a militaristic regime to manage their interstellar affairs, they have shown themselves capable of compassion and exploration, as well as great military feats. Even so, the Haakonians, whilst often sympathetic to the plights of others and carrying a sense of both exploration and security in their characters, are not a welcoming people that seek integration with others. Although they count diplomats, explorers and scientists amongst their numbers, they rely on a military framework to make the broader and far-reaching decisions for their state and have been known to be territorial regarding their boundaries.

There are subjugated vassal races within the Haakonian Order. Of note, the Talaxian people submitted to Haakonian rule following the destruction of Rinax and their defeat some four decades ago. Although they are not treated cruelly by the Haakonians, with a number of apologists and sympathisers counted amongst the Haakonian numbers, Talaxians do not have the same rights or privileges as the Haakonian people. All of their laws and rights are determined by the Haakonians, or at the pleasure of the Haakonians, leading to several dissenters and dissidents seeking to escape or restore Talaxian sovereignty.


The Haakonians are humanoid and appear to share many biological traits with humans, and are typically fair-skinned, with hair growing from around the top of their cranium. However, they have ridges adorning their temples and chin, with a broader nasal structure.

Recent Encounters

  • The USS Adelphi received a distress signal from a freighter under attack, close to what was believed to be Haakonian space. Upon arrival, it was discovered to be a Talaxian freighter under attack from a Haakonian military vessel, with the Talaxians requesting assistance from the Federation vessel, eventually requesting asylum as a persecuted people. The Haakonians accused the Talaxians of being political dissidents and terrorists, prompting a sensitive political incident for the Adelphi to manage.

The Haakonians in Play

  • The Haakonians are not an unreasonable people, but they have firm views on the sovereignty of their space and the means by which they manage their society. They do not care to be dictated to by the Federation. However, there are sympathetic elements within their society that would seek to incorporate Federation ideals. There is scope for discussion, or to make a powerful and organised enemy early on.
  • The Haakonians do not have replicator or transporter technology, but still pose a significant military threat. They have powerful weaponry and a large fleet, spread across a vast area of strictly-controlled space. Access to this space would be difficult to negotiate, but would not be impossible. Explorers could be interested in visiting the Alpha Quadrant, just as they would be very interested in making arrangements or trading for Federation technology.
  • There are a significant number of Talaxians under the control of the Haakonians, many of which would like equal status or to escape the Order, whilst a large number exist outside of the Order as a diaspora. The official Haakonian policy is that all Talaxians are their citizens regardless of location, but many Talaxians are seeking Federation asylum and transportation through the wormhole.
  • The Haakonians are not friendly with any of the Kazon sects or the Vidiians.

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