From Bravo Fleet
Biographical Information
Species unknown
Gender none
Date of Birth late 2360s or early 2370s
Career Information

Paulson Nebula


friendly space pepita


Gomthree is a sentient, organic space vessel. It currently resides in the Paulson Nebula.


Gomthree is the offspring of Gomtuu aka “Tin Man”. Born sometime after Gomtuu’s encounter with the USS Enterprise, Gomthree left its genitor’s side prematurely in search of its own crew. After becoming lost and disoriented, it was eventually detected by Starfleet in the Deneb Sector during the reappearance of the Lost Fleet.

After attacking and destroying several Dominion ships, it took refuge in a field of subspace vacuoles until the USS Babylon made contact with it and escorted it back to Starbase Bravo.

Gomthree has since settled into a migratory routine that takes it from the Paulson Nebula to the Mellstoxx system and back again every other week or so.


Gomthree is essentially a smaller version of Gomtuu. It is seed-shaped, with a dark matte exterior. It has an iridescent “racing stripe” up each of its sides that can illuminate in a variety of colors.

Like Gomtuu, it has an amorphous interior potentially capable of forming chambers with atmosphere and gravity. Right now, it can only develop a single small chamber; it cannot yet create viewscreens, control panels, or furniture. Whether it must learn these skills, or grow stronger to develop them, or will simply acquire them with age is uncertain.

Also like Gomtuu, it possesses a warp drive, transporter capability, protective shielding, and the ability to generate energy as an offensive weapon. These skills seem to be nearly or completely developed.


Gomthree may be a biologically complex spaceborne creature, but it is also very much a juvenile. It may occasionally be petulant or impulsive, and it is still learning about itself and the universe around it.

Telepathic communication with humanoid minds is something it finds challenging. So far, it has found it to be much easier with a Horta intermediary. Other non-humanoid or long-lived species may also have better success.

In Play

  • Gomthree isn’t going to find “home” (i.e. Gomtuu) any time soon; it is wary of setting out on its own again and can usually be found within its migration route that often takes it past Starbase Bravo.
  • It has a lot to learn, and Starfleet officers and other scientists can help! It needs to learn how to communicate without telepathy; it needs to become more comfortable speaking telepathically to humanoids; it needs to learn how to generate more chambers and interfaces for a future humanoid crew.
  • There's a lot to learn about Gomthree too! Which planets does it like to visit in the Mellstoxx system? What parts of the Paulson Nebula does it frequent? What kind of chemicals and energies does it like to snack on?