USS Babylon

From Bravo Fleet

USS Babylon is a Grissom-class surveyor assigned to Task Force 17 under the command of Captain Sanjiv Anand. Ostensibly intended for deep space mapping assignments, the Babylon’s primary mission is to follow up on reports of extinct civilizations on the edge of Federation space and determine if further study of these locations would be safe and ethical.


The Babylon is a fairly new ship, being one of the first 200 Grissom-class surveyors ordered after the successful development and shakedown cruise of the prototype in 2398. Built at the Sol VI shipyards, she entered service in 2399 and spent the next two years mapping the rimward borders of Federation space. In February 2401, upon the retirement of her previous commanding officer, she was transferred to Bravo Fleet for exploration in the region beyond Deep Space 17, but the appearance of the Lost Fleet in the Deneb Sector altered those plans.

Command History