Delta Hedalos Sector

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The Delta Hedalos Sector is a sector space within the Gradin Belt of the Delta Quadrant. An area of space not truly explored by the Federation until 2399, it is largely open space with numerous uninhabited star systems. The only major power is the Chokuzan Republic. Only one system, which is outside of the Republic, is claimed by another power and that is the Fornax system by the Kraylor. All others are uninhabited or are unable to sustain life.


For most of the area's history, not much has happened in regards to stellar politics. A long way from the main cluster of spacefaring civilisations in the Gradin Belt, the region is known for being almost barren in the sense that besides the Chokuzan Republic, barely any other sentient lifeform or society has developed.

In 2399, the USS Odyssey, was close to the area as part of its work alongside the Delta Exploration Initiative. While on the far edges of it, the ship detected a distress call from a Kraylor survey ship. The Odyssey had also detected the existence of the Omega Molecule. As a result of the latter, Captain McCallister led a solo mission to remove the threat posed by Omega while saving the Kraylor. It was during their rescue of the Kraylor, that the Odyssey discovered that the Kraylor had a secret research outpost in the area and were told the name given for the sector. This station was studying the Omega Molecule but they did not know how destructive it could be to subspace. Their main aim was to develop an unlimited power source to assist the Kraylor Armed Services in removing the Annari blockade from around their world. Further analysis of the Kraylor’s sensor logs indicated that a subspace rupture was formed by an omega molecule being synthesised. The surrounding area around it prevented any subspace field being created thus stopping the use of warp travel.

Notable Locations

Delta Hedalos System

The system that the sector takes its name from and is home to a hyper-giant which is nearly a billion kilometers in circumference and is not expected to go supernova for another one hundred or two hundred years

Clevari System

Originally visited with the help of Q in 2377, the Clevari system is an inhabited system and is part of the Chokuzan Republic. It is one of their systems that attracts many visitors. Two key planets are Golos Prime and Fekdar. The main star is a Class G Yellow.

Zozek System

Another system claimed by the Chokuzan Republic, the Zozek system was inhabited and has a Class B Blue star.

Fornax System

A yellow dwarf star system with six planets, all besides one are gas giants. The second gas giant has a moon that was Class M. The moon was originally uninhabited until 2372 when a deep space exploration mission undertaken by the Kraylor, had them set up a secret research outpost. It was established as a frontier base, away from the Annari Empire in their attempt to be able to conduct scientific research to push the Annari away from their homeworld.

In 2399, under the Omega Directive, Captain McCallister on a solo-mission removed the Kraylor's stash of omega molecules that had been created on the research base. Thankfully, he was able to remove omega's existence without the Kraylor knowing who had done it.

Burbidge Cluster

A stellar cluster of four systems, the Burbidge Cluster is uninhabited with a majority of its planets being gas giants or unable to support life. The USS Odyssey investigated the cluster in mid-2399 after it detected the only inhabited planets in the system.


Outré from orbit, c.2399.

A small class-M world, Outré was the unofficial designation given to the planet by the crew of the USS Odyssey, when they discovered a number unusual and quite shocking revelations about the planet. Further investigation discovered that the planet itself was once home to an ancient civilisation that revered the Tkon Empire. The Tkon themselves had modified the planet to assist the inhabitants and eventually left them to continue with their development, however the civilisation had wanted the Tkon to return. As a result they duplicated Tkon technology and almost destroyed their world. Their efforts caused the planet's ice caps to melt and the tectonic plates to alter. The changes caused most of their settlements to be either stranded underground or wiped out by flash flooding. The crew of the Odyssey found two of their settlements, one underwater and the other underground. In the latter they discovered a library of information related to the planet and how its inhabitants had genetically modified almost every edible organic crop on the planet. The planet's rich resources were also moved to the upper crust of the planet during their massive terraforming project.

Honeria Nebula

The Honeria Nebula is a Class 9 nebula with a subspace vacuole at the centre of the cloud which acts as a gravitational anchor.

Taserbus Tadankor Pulsar

A class 4 pulsar that emitted high amounts of gamma radiation.