New Bajor

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New Bajor
Grid B2, Gamma Quadrant
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Gamma Quadrant


Class O

  • Li Nalas (Moon)
  • Shakaar Edon (Moon)
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United Federation of Planets

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New Bajor and it's facilities serve as the current headquarters for Starfleet's Task Force 9. Along with it, a small Unity Class starbase sits in orbit, designated "Deep Space 11", assigned for the protection of New Bajor as well as it's inhabitants.

New Bajor is the first colony of the Federation in the Gamma Quadrant and the first colony of Bajor since the Cardassian occupation. New Bajor is the de facto capital of the expanding Federation presence in the Gamma Quadrant and serves as both the strategic and political centre of all operations. While it has seen a lot of destruction in its short history, its residents are strong willed and its important position have kept migration rates very high allowing for a large population and making the planet a model of Federation colony design. New Bajor hosts the senior staff of Task Force 9 and is the primary headquarters of all Starfleet departments in the Gamma Quadrant.

New Bajor is governed by the People's Executive Council, the President which is elected every four years and other members are appointed by the President. Laws are deliberated on and passed by the Assembly of the People (also elected every four years, by party-list proportional representation) while the Supreme Court of New Bajor is the highest court on the colony (nominaed by the President en confirmed by the Assembly of the People). It enjoys deep ties with both the Bajoran homeworld and the Federation but is known for self-reliance and a large focus on planetary autonomy.


While diplomatic changes have resulted in New Bajor no longer being the only legal Federation Colony in the Gamma Quadrant, it remains by far the largest. As the Federation world nearest to the wormhole and with Starfleet operations centred around it, New Bajor was the most likely candidate to serve as the hub of Federation activity in the Gamma Quadrant.

While the colony and its inhabitants owe much of their growth to both the Federation and Starfleet, strong resentment exists against both for the perception that they failed to protect the world form two massacres, one of which committed by the very people sworn to protect them. This resentment has come to the forefront with protests in major cities against the Starfleet presence on the planet.

While resentment exists, New Bajor remains the most important planet in the Gamma Quadrant and the crown jewel of the Federation there. Its grandeur is used both to ease concerns of other Gamma Quadrant powers and to compel them to see the virtues of Federation membership.

Beyond its two moons, Deep Space 11 is also in orbit of the planet and serves as the final line of defence for the colony as well as the functional headquarters of Task Force 9. Starfleet also maintains several facilities on the surface and the Ha'Dara Fleet Yards in the system which is the primary builder of new starships in the Gamma Quadrant (with the Idran Fleet Yards coming a close second).


In 2370 the Bajorans discovered the colony of New Bajor within the Gamma Quadrant. At the start of the Dominion War the colony was destroyed causing the death of 97% of the inhabitants of the colony. At the conclusion of the Dominion War, the Bajorans returned to the colony that was taken from them and proceeded quickly to rebuild it. At first alone, these efforts were soon supported by the Federation of which they had become a member. By 2384 the colony had become large enough to gain functional independence and seek Federation membership on its own with its own representative on the Federation Council. As the only legal Federation colony in the Gamma Quadrant, due to it having been settled prior to Bajoran membership of the Federation, it gained an important status as the economic hub and home of all Gamma Quadrant military operations.

The Consortium

New Bajor was not immediately affected by the Consortium's rise to power, other than several governmental facilities raided by the Consortium and additional patrols and added security. Other than that, life resumed as normal until the Battle of Deep Space 11. Before the battle began, the Consortium turned on the colony, beginning to destroy structures and homes, eventually razing the entire Capitol City.

Following the attack and seeming defeat of Consortium forces in orbit and on the surface focus was redirected to repairing and rebuilding the colony. On the site of the largest massacre a new city was founded named Duran, or the Bajoran word for remembrance. The name and the city signified the new philosophy of the New Bajorans. Move into the future but remember the sacrifices of those that came before. Forgive, but never forget.

Age of Expansion

The Consortium crisis had made one thing clear, allies could be found in strange places and the Federation presence within the Gamma Quadrant was under constant threat. With treaty obligations no longer applying the Federation determined that a much larger operation of expansion was needed to make sure no one could ever again hope to force the Federation out of the Gamma Quadrant. New Bajor became the logisical and economic hub of these operations. The colony saw rapid expansion with persons from all over the Alpha and Beta Quadrants migrating to the colony. While any lesser colony would be overwhelmed by the influx of new citizens, New Bajor had developed a culture unique enough that it could integrate rather than be replaced. Directed government policy allowed for both immigrants and native ciizens alike to find their home on the planet. These policies were aided by the abundance of unused and unworked land. Every citizen was granted fifty acres of land on the condition that within five years they would develop something on the land. While the policy is ongoing it has proven a success so far with New Bajor developing a strong agricultural sector and other small enterprises rising to stake their claim in the goldmine that was the Gamma Quadrant.


People's Executive Council

The People's Executive Council is the executive body of the New Bajor government. It is headed by the President of New Bajor, who is elected every four years and serves as the head of state and government. Members of the Executive Council are the Ministers of the different Ministries as well as the directors of important organizations maintained by the state such as the Land Division Office. The New Bajor Councillor to the Federation Council is also a member of the Executive Council but is not usually present at Council meetings. The current President of New Bajor is Ro Nell.

Assembly of the People

The Assembly of the People is a 700 member parliament tasked with all legislative matters. Any law poposed by the Executive Council or a member of the Assembly must be debated on and approved by the Assembly. Beyond this it also has gained very specific powers such as the ability to approve or deny the budget, the ability to in extraordinary cases remove the President from Office and the ability to call for a referendum on any matter. A referendum will be open to all citizens of New Bajor and can be on any matter including the Constitution of New Bajor and any treaty the government has signed. Currently the largest party in the Assembly of the People is the Populist People's Party with 280 seats. Other parties are the Federalist Party, Reformist Party, Unity Party and the Gamma Quadrant Independence Party. Unlike many other worlds, New Bajor does not have electoral districts but instead parties prepare planetary lists and seats are divided based on the percentage of New Bajorans that voted for each party.

Supreme Court of New Bajor

The Supreme Court of New Bajor is the highest court of New Bajor and subject only to the Federation courts. It is the final authority on all matters related to the government of New Bajors, the laws of New Bajor and any cases committed within its jurisdiction. Though petitioners may pursue a case in the Federation courts if they feel their rights as Federation citizens are violated. The Supreme Court has the power to overrule laws that conflict with the Constitution or other treaties that have the same importance as the Constitution such as the Bajoran Nation Agreement and the terms of New Bajor's Federation membership.

The Supreme Court consists of nine justices. Each justice is nominated by the President and must be confirmed by a majority of the Assembly of the People within six months of being nominated. After confirmation a sitting justice remains until they resign, they reach the age of 100 or are removed by a 75% majority vote in the Assembly of the People.


Beyond a fully reservist Militia New Bajor does not have a military of its own, the Gendarmerie can however be seen as a military force as beyond police duties they have the authority to defend New Bajor against enemy invasion and protect important government officials. The defence of New Bajor is instead mostly achieved through reliance on both Starfleet and the bajoran Militia. As headquarters of the former and with a brigade of the latter on the planet, there is a strong force capable of defending New Bajor against any hostile force. In recent times however the Consortium Crisis has increased calls for New Bajor to form a military of its own on the Bajoran militia model to avoid being undefended if Starfleet and the Militia are not present for whatever reason.


New Bajor is unique in that it has a strong economic presence in most areas of economic activity. Agriculturally its fifty acres policy has made the planet a large exporter of food to other planets in the Gamma Quadrant while the Ha'Dara Fleet Yards and their supporting industrial base on the planet employs a large amount of New Bajorans. Finally its role as a trading hub and military headquarters have caused a large services industry to develop built around the traders as well as Starfleet and Militia personnel.


While the explosive growth and enormous economic activity produce a lot of good, they have also led to increasing levels of crime. Both violent and non-violent crimes have been on the rise with 2389 so far producing the highest murder rate seen in planetary history. Additionally, hostility towards members of minority groups has become an increasing concern for the New Bajor Planetary Police. It is also believed that the Consortium maintains a strong presence in the New Bajor underworld and that the threat of a Consortium terrorist attack is always high. All of this has resulted in expanding budgets for the NBPP to combat crime of all kinds on the planet and keep all citizens safe.