Deep Space 47

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Deep Space 47

Deep Space 47






Thomar Expanse


Alpha Quadrant


Task Force 47 headquarters

Task Force

Task Force 47

Commanding Officer

Commodore Aben Ch'Thobar

Station Populations
  • 2,000 Starfleet
  • 2,000 Civilian

Deep Space 47 is a Narendra-class station located in the Thomar Expanse, on the far side of the Badlands to Federation territory. It was established in 2400 to serve as the new headquarters of Task Force 47 to launch missions of exploration through and beyond the perilous Expanse.


The Thomar Expanse has long been a fraught area for Starfleet, as an independent stretch of space between the Cardassian Union and the Breen Confederacy, whose relationship has been tense since the Dominion War. In the late-24th century, a spate of hostilities from the Breen against the Federation ushered new agreements between the Federation and the Cardassians, their respective frontier forces urged to cooperate in the face of a potential mutual foe. These agreements opened the chance for exploration through the Thomar Expanse and beyond, precipitating the formation of the Fourth Fleet's Task Force 47 to oversee this and similar missions.

The first Starfleet foothold in the region had specific needs: rapid assembly, decent defensive capabilities, and the capacity to support starships moving through and operating in the area. The swift and easy construction of a Narendra-class made the station an obvious choice, and Deep Space 47 was assembled and constructed in the early months of 2400, deemed operational by the end of the first quarter.

Current Status

Deep Space 47 is now operational, and establishing its regional defences to keep the station safe against threats from the Breen, the Tzenkethi Coalition, and even members of the Cardassian military less amenable to the new agreements. Starships beginning their missions in the Thomar Expanse, to operate within or head beyond through to the Unknown Regions past Ultima Thule, use DS47 as a supply post.


Deep Space 47 In-Play

  • With its position on a dangerous frontier, DS47 is a home for explorers and researchers, but also officers charged with its protection and negotiators stopping tensions from simmering over. While many live and work here with their families, it is a more difficult and dangerous place for civilians to live than many other stations.
  • DS47 is a large starbase but more with the feel of a frontier town than a bustling city in the stars. Notable figures in the community, either in Starfleet or the civilians who run the businesses and amenities aboard, will be recognisable faces and get to know people who stick around.
  • Starships stop here to resupply on their operations around or beyond the Thomar Expanse, and can be supported by the station's maintenance team. Serious repairs or support will necessitate a return to Federation space.
  • With the Badlands between DS47 and the Federation, the station can sometimes feel cut off from immediate support, especially in a crisis.