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Fourth Fleet Training Command

Starfleet Academy, Mellstoxx III

Primary Mission

Training Fourth Fleet Cadets, Enlisted, and Command Trainees


Mellstoxx III


Fleet Captain Andreus Khol


USS Exeter




Fourth Fleet Training Command is responsible for the education and professional development of officers assigned to the Fourth Fleet. Colloquially referred to as Fourth Fleet Academy, it has jurisdiction over the Mellstoxx III campus of Starfleet Academy, Cadet Squadron Bravo, and Fourth Fleet Command School.


  • Commandant, Fourth Fleet Academy: Fleet Captain Andreus Khol
    • Deputy Commandant, Fourth Fleet Academy: Vacant
    • Superintendent, Starfleet Academy - Mellstoxx III: Commodore Ison Bale
      • Dean of Caders, Starfleet Academy - Mellstoxx III: Vacant
    • Commanding Office, Cadet Squadron Bravo: Vacant
    • Superintendent, Fourth Fleet Command School: Vacant


Starfleet Academy, Mellstoxx III

The Bravo Fleet Academy Campus (technically known as Starfleet Academy—Mellstoxx III) is the main facility through which officers entering the Fourth Fleet pass, either spending all four years of their training there or sometimes just a few weeks, depending on their course of study and other factors.

Cadet Squadron Bravo

Cadet Squadron Bravo is an elite training unit for cadets in their third and fourth years at Starfleet Academy—Mellstoxx III. Cadets in this unit get additional training in diplomacy, tactics, and starship operations beyond what their peers would get and it is intended for officer candidates on the fast track to starship command. Cadets in this squadron wear blue enameled delta with a gold lightning bolt on their collars opposite their rank pips. In addition to their specialized training on the ground, the cadets of the Bravo Squadron train extensively aboard a Consitution-class training ship, the USS Exeter.

Fourth Fleet Command School

The Fourth Fleet maintains its own command school, which is located in the same facility that houses Fleet Training Command and the Fleet Academy. It is meant for officers who already have significant experience as a department head in science, engineering, security, or medical but want to move into the command division to become an executive officer or starship captain.