Ulysses Division

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The Ulysses Exploratory Cruiser Division is a critical component of Task Force Eighty-Six: Border Operations Fourth Fleet, operating under the command of Captain James C. MacLeod, Starfleet. Captain MacLeod commands the division from his flagship, the USS Ulysses (NCC-90565), a Sovereign-class exploratory cruiser.

The division's remit is in and around the Triangle, an unclaimed region of space bordered by the United Federation of Planets, the Klingon Empire, and the Romulan Republic. This area, known for its complex local phenomena such as the Azure Nebula, poses significant challenges for monitoring and enforcement. The Triangle has historically been a hotbed for criminal and clandestine activities, exacerbated by a reduced Starfleet presence over the past fifteen years.


The Ulysses Exploratory Cruiser Division's primary mission is to maintain stability and security within and around the Triangle. Ulysses Division operates with a mandate to combat insurgency and criminal forces, primarily through cooperation and support of local governments and civilian populations. The division focuses on a blend of tactical operations, intelligence gathering, diplomatic engagements, and relief missions to advance Federation interests in the region.


The following assets are attached to Ulysses Exploratory Cruiser Division:

  1. USS Ulysses (NCC-90565)- Sovereign-class Exploratory Cruiser
  2. USS Chimera (NCC-87502)- Manticore-class Heavy Escort

Together, these vessels enable the division to maintain stability, conduct diplomatic missions, and provide necessary support to local governments and civilian populations within the region.