USS Ulysses

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The USS Ulysses (NCC-90565) is a Sovereign-class starship currently assigned to the Fourth Fleet, Task Force 86.

History of the USS Ulysses (NCC-90565)

Commissioning and Initial Assignment (2401)

The USS Ulysses launched from the San Fransisco Fleet Yards in orbit of Earth in early 2401 under the command of Captain James C. MacLeod, Starfleet

Shortly after launching, Ulysses embarked on a shakedown cruise to test its systems and capabilities. The cruise took the starship through Sol's neighboring sectors, where it conducted various scientific experiments, tested its warp capabilities, and engaged in simulated combat scenarios. The shakedown cruise uncovered a few issues, and the Ulysses was ordered to the Beta Antares Shipyard for refitting.

After six months in drydock at the Beta Antares shipyards, the Ulysses was commissioned and assigned to the area of space encompassing The Triangle under Fourth Fleet Operational Control as a unit of Task Force Eighty-Six.

Notable Crew

Commanding Officers