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USS Yorktown



Century Class



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Task Force 93




Beta Quadrant



For the Ares Theater version, please see USS Yorktown (Ares Theater)
"Mystery creates wonder and wonder is the basis of man's desire to understand."
    —Neil Armstrong - Ship's Dedication Quote

The USS Yorktown is a Century-class starship that formerly served as the flagship of the Fourth Fleet attached to Task Force 93. The Yorktown is the fourth ship to bear the name and follows a legacy of proven ships of exploration. The name Yorktown has often found it's name into the halls of Starfleet Command as a proven name of science, and a stalwart ship in times of defense of the Federation. The name "Yorktown" goes back as far as the founding of the Federation and, in fact, Earth Starfleet.

Throughout it's history some of the most famed officers in Starfleet have touched the deck plating of the USS Yorktown under assignment at one time or another.

During early 2386, while under the command of Captain Trevor Hall and his first officer, Commander Elizabeth Ashcroft, the Yorktown's main mission was that of exploration of previously unexplored deep space. Despite the ships battle tested nature, the Yorktown is as equally equipped to service Starfleet's exploratory mandate.


USS Yorktown, NCC-1704

The first starship Yorktown was the fourth Constitution-class starship to be built out of the original 13 starship production run. It immediately took a part in the historical five-year missions of the Constitution-class which was the primary mark of Starfleet at that period of time.

The Yorktown, along with four other Constitution-class starships, was primarily responsible for exploration beyond the Federation/Klingon frontier. Part of this exploration was to make first contact with new civilizations, but in fact more succinctly to gain allies against the Klingon Empire in the growing hostilities between the two militaries.

By 2268 the Yorktown had already completed two five-year missions and was assigned to several duties within core Federation territory. With Starfleet stretched thin between hostilities with both the Klingons and the Romulans, the Yorktown was being used for rudimentary assignments until it was able to be relieved by a smaller starship. This would allow it to regain a position on the front lines which was something Starfleet needed greatly with all it's Constitution-class starships. It was during this time that it had transported medical supplies and vaccines all over the Federation including Theta VII.

Shortly afterwards the Yorktown was given several top secret assignments to transport Starfleet weapons to the Klingon front line to help arm and refit some of the border stations that were in desperate need. During one of these missions the Yorktown was caught skimming the border and was forced to engage two Klingon Bird's of Prey. Proving to be too formidable of an opponent, the Klingon ships were forced into a stalemate allowing the Yorktown to escape to the next Starfleet outpost. By that time the Yorktown was given direct orders to remain on the front lines providing support and a tactical arm to prove Starfleet meant business against the Klingon Empire.

In late 2274 the Yorktown was recalled to Earth to undergo major refit and repairs; something that was often ignored and put off on many of the Constitution-class starships on the frontier. Along with the Potemkin, the Yorktown entered dry dock preparing to be refitted into what would later be known as the Constitution-class refit. Finishing refit nearly a year later she exited dry dock with specific orders to begin what would end up being two back-to-back five-year missions. During this time the Yorktown made it's mark on Starfleet history by exploring over five hundred star systems, countless spatial phenomena and making First Contact with ten different species.

When the Yorktown returned to Earth in 2286 it was in dire need of repairs and even more refits to stay in active duty. By that time the ship was over three decades old with an extensive list of repairs and refits that had been put off. On it's way home the Yorktown suffered catastrophic system failure due to contact with an unknown "whale probe". During this time, with the main power drained from the ship, the captain and crew of the Yorktown attempted to construct a solar sail in an attempt to harness power from nearby stars. This plan ultimately failed and the crew were forced to ration resources in an attempt to wait for help. Eventually the probe retreated from the area hours later and the Yorktown's systems quickly returned to normal allowing it to continue it's trip to Earth.

Originally the Yorktown was slated for decommissioning being considered too resource extensive to return it to active duty. However with the destruction of the USS Enterprise, and the pardoning of Captain James T. Kirk and his senior staff, their need for a new starship Enterprise was obvious. It was because of this that the Yorktown was stripped of it's hull markings and re-registered as the USS Enterprise, NCC-1701-A and refits and repairs begun immediately under the supervision of Captain Montgomery Scott.

USS Yorktown, NCC-2033

The second starship to bear the name Yorktown, and perhaps the most famous, was the Excelsior-class starship. The second Yorktown was launched nearly ten years after the renaming of the previous starship Yorktown. Officially commissioned in 2296, the starship was sent directly to Qo'noS to help with Federation efforts, in compliance with the Khitomer Accords, in the recovery of the fallout from the resulting damage from the explosion of the Klingon moon Praxis.

Following it's three-year assignment in Klingon space the Yorktown was pulled back into Federation space to return to duties of exploration. Directed towards unknown space near the Tholian Assembly, the Yorktown began a multi-year mission of exploration. Orders from Starfleet Command dictated detailed catalogging of all anomolies, standard first contact procedures and strict upholding of the Prime Directive. The latter, however, as it usually does with deep space exploratory assignments, was considerably hard to uphold to the letter of the law. The Yorktown in all ended up staying on the frontier for seven years until it was forced to return to Federation space due to the undeniable requisite for repair, refit and resupply.

In the following years the Yorktown was sent on twenty three multiple-year assignments dedicated to exploration, partook in the increasing tensions with the Romulan Emipre which led to the Romulan self-induced isolation and eventually the uprising of the Cardassian conflicts that led to the Federation-Cardassian War. The notority that the Yorktown gained in the first fifty years of it's life was astonishing. One of the most popular starships in Starfleet at the time it had become an odds on favorite for an assignment for many Starfleet officers.

The Yorktown served as one of the flagship's during the Federation-Cardassian War. One of the ships first assignments in the conflict was to deploy gravitic mines in several systems along the Cardassian-Federation border. Although serving as a flagship, the Yorktown did not shy away from the front lines of battle. Instead the ship was right in the heat of the battle, often taking moderate damage and forcing repairs as the Federation pressed the lines of the Cardassians. This forced the engineering crew of the Yorktown to become ever more diligent to advert constant critical problems. This forced the ship to retreat back to Starbase 375 for major repairs twice in it's decade of service in the conflict. As the conflict came to a close the Yorktown returned to Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards for a three-year major over haul of it's systems - essentially the first major change in the ships systems in seventy years. Following this complete system refit the ship was tasked with assisting space station Deep Space 9 with supplies and initial start up personnel.

With the Starfleet take over of Deep Space 9 complete, the Yorktown for the first time in nearly twenty years was reassigned away from the Cardassian border and focused it's attention along the Romulan Neutral Zone. With the rising tensions between the Romulan Empire and the Federation the need for more starships along the Neutral Zone was needed. Within the last decade the amount of starships assigned had doubled with the re-emergence of the Empire to the galactic scene. While tensions had been increased artificially thanks to Borg attacks, that fact didn't stop the hostilities from returning to the normal pace. The Yorktown had been assigned to patrol the Federation side of the Neutral Zone where it remained until another major threat directly forced the Federation to refocus it's attention. It was also during this time that the Yorktown was initially slated for replacement as a newer Galaxy-class starship. However, with the new Borg threat, the proposed Yorktown was renamed in favor of being the prototype of the new Dreadnought Class USS Dreadnought.

With the arrival of the Dominion to the Alpha Quadrant, allying themselves with the Cardassians, the Klingons and Federation, soon enough followed by the Romulans, were forced to join together to combat the new enemy. The Yorktown was reassigned to the Ninth Fleet and took part in many major campaigns during the Dominion War. During the First Battle of Chin'toka the Yorktown suffered heavy damage and was forced to be towed from the area to Starbase 332 for major repairs. By the time the Yorktown was able to fully return to the battle field it was just in time for the Battle of Cardassia. Taking it's place within the Ninth Fleet again, the Yorktown served as the flagship of a small battle group.

With the closure of the Dominion War, the Yorktown was sent back to the Romulan Neutral Zone as a standard patrol vessel. Years after the end of the Dominion War, the Yorktown a veteran of two major wars, countless battles, hundreds of scientific discoveries, was finally brought to it's knees by an attack from a Borg Cube. In 2382, the Yorktown was tragically destroyed with all hands on board.

USS Yorktown, NCC-79885

The keel for the current Yorktown was originally laid down in 2383 at Copernicus Ship Yards; although the ship wasn't originally supposed to be a successor to one of the most famous names in the history of Starfleet. Originally the Yorktown was slated to be the USS Endeavor, however when the last starship to bear the name Yorktown was tragically lost to the Borg, with all hands, the name Endeavor was put on hold and the Yorktown would rise from the ashes.

Construction on the Yorktown completed in mid-2385 and a month later the first shakedown cruise was commenced under the command of project leader Commander Lefler. The standard shakedown cruise was completed successfully and the Yorktown was ready to receive a full crew to begin standard operations in December of 2385. The original captain and command crew lined up to command the ship were deemed unfit for such a large undertaking as a Sovereign-class starship, and a more experienced hand was believed to be needed for the type of missions the Yorktown would no doubt bring upon itself.

Finally in February of 2386, Captain Alexander Morkan, station commander of Deep Space 12, and his command staff were chosen. A new staff was carefully chosen to take their place on Deep Space Twelve, and once in place the captain and his crew were brought back to Earth to take up residence on the Yorktown. It was believed that the captain's experience, knowledge and unique command style would be better put to use on the frontier than sitting on a starbase in the fringes. Captain Morkan and his staff arrived on the Yorktown in March of 2386.

Their first mission was to infiltrate Klingon space and stop the actions of an alliance of growing Klingon Houses. Although a direct violation of the prime directive, both the Klingon High Council and the Federation Council jointly approved of the mission seeing that the disgruntled faction of the Klingon Empire, while small, could be a tipping point in the Empire capable of starting either a small civil war or problems with the Federation. These were two scenarios which neither the Federation nor the Klingons wanted to deal with. Moreover, the Klingon Houses seemed to be aided by a Federation war hero from the Dominion War: Rear Admiral James Sullivan. Jaded and disenfranchised by the Federation, and felt over looked by Starfleet for promotion after his work during the war, Admiral Sullivan decided to take to the Klingon Empire where he easily fit in with a Klingon-like personalty. This was something that the Federation simply would not stand for.

Following the apprehension of Admiral Sullivan and his handover to the custody of Starfleet Security, the Yorktown was given orders to set course for the border of the Romulan Neutral Zone. From there the Yorktown began a six month exploratory tour of duty heading along the Neutral Zone towards the Delta Quadrant. During the tour the Yorktown was able to explore twenty six different star systems and a dozen other various phenomena before being forced back to dry dock. A little over a year after it's launch, the Yorktown was in need of minor repairs to it's new, broken-in systems. Starfleet Command also used the opportunity to reassign most of the Yorktown's crew.

After competition of the ships minor repairs, the Yorktown received orders to report to Cestus III to deliver supplemental relief supplies following the abandonment of the Gorn Hegemony occupation of the planet.

Soon after the mission to Cestus III was complete, the Yorktown was ordered to report to Romulus, in the beginning hours of the Hobus Incident, to bring Ambassador Spock on board and deliver him to the USS Enterprise for further delivery to Vulcan. Following the exchange the Yorktown met up with the starships USS Valkyrie and USS Hathaway and the task group headed to Remus to assist the Romulan people in the immediate emergency evacuations of the Remans. Barely able to escape in time, with several thousand Remans evacuated between the three starships, they Yorktown watched the destruction of Romulus. The task group later arrived at the new Reman homeworld of Crateris.

After dropping off the Reman refugees, the Yorktown's task group was then confronted into a stand off with a Romulan Tal'Shiar warbird wing led by the Chairwoman of the Tal'Shiar, General Sonara T'Daran. With the assistance of Admiral Tolak tr'Servek and the Romulan Star Navy, the Yorktown was able to save itself from combat and gather valuable intelligence from Admiral Tolak.

The Yorktown returned to Starbase 11 for a classified meeting on the status of Starfleet in the wake of the Hobus disaster. Without any time to waste, the Yorktown was immediately sent back out on assignment to rendezvous with the Klingon warship Ba'pok to discuss the terms of a possible non-aggression pact, or at least a cease fire, on the recent aggression of the Klingon military against the weakened Romulan Star Empire. Using the opportunity and guise of the friendly terms between the Klingon Empire and Federation, a wing of Klingon Bird's of Prey attacked both the Yorktown and Ba'pok, destroying both. With nearly all of the Yorktown's crew successfully evacuating in time they were rescued soon after by the nearby Starfleet battle group led by the USS Venture and taken back to Deep Space 6.

Command History

  • Captain Trevor Hall (2387)