USS Thyanis

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The USS Thyanis is a Raven-class corvette assigned to Fourth Fleet.

Mission History

Early Encounters (2400-2400)

The earliest encounters of the Thyanis in the former Romulan Neutral Zone were mostly involving dealing with folks affected by the disruption caused following the fall of the Romulan Star Empire. As captain of the ship, Kurios and his XO engaged in establishing trade, and helped to resolve issues of malnutrition and disease among several colonies throughout the region. As a part of Task Force 93, this fell well within both the skills of the Starfleet doctor and within the parameters set by the Fourth Fleet's chain of command.

Refit (2400-2401)

Following the departure of Commander Thevius; Thyanis was returned to Starbase Bravo for minor re-fit. Being a small vessel with little tactical significance, she remained berthed as a reserve ship for nearly a year until she was assigned a new crew and captain at the start of March 2401.

The nature of her refit was only minor, involving updating many of the standard systems aboard the vessel and returning her to a standard configuration for a multi-role mission profile.

Deneb Sector Crisis (March 2401)

In March 2401 Lieutenant Commander Wallace Jones assumed command of the USS Thyanis immediately following the outbreak of the Dominion crisis in the Deneb sector.

Thyanis first assignment following her refit was to investigate Oppenheimer Research Outpost in the Gamma Cronae Borealis system. The station failed to respond to the evacuation order and Starfleet Intelligence requested that a vessel be immediately dispatched.

With most of the 4th fleet engaged on the front line, Thyanis was assigned this mission out of operational necessity

After arriving at Oppenheimer station, the crew discovered that the research station was housing an energy device that was being used to test complex theories in relation to quantum singularities and energy production.

The aforementioned energy device was ultimately stolen by a renegade Ferengi: Daimon Tal - who was unknowingly hired by the Dominion to obtain this device so that it could be reverse engineered into a devastating weapon known as a Black Hole Bomb

The device was ultimately destroyed by the Thyanis after a brief engagement with the Jem'Hadar. The destruction of the device resulted in the formation of a self sustaining stellar mass black hole which nearly consumed the Thyanis before they were able to escape its gravity and return to port.

Crew Complement

The maximum crew of the Thyanis is only 20 strong, and as such the needs and the abilities of the crew are both affected. The crew has a greater focus on the medical and engineering careers, with only a handful of Starfleet officers specializing in particular fields. Many of the crew are of lower ranks to the point that a former captain, Ensign Kurios, once called it a "can of Ensigns". This quip was a mild misnomer however, as at least a quarter of the crew were cadets or crewman.

Interestingly, despite being a ship providing humanitarian support to the former Romulan Neutral Zone, the crew itself could easily find itself in the care of only a old first generation EMH. This was considered a bit grim, given the antiquated unit was already being phased out back in 2374. As such, it was taken as a bit of black humour among some of the crew that nobody should get injured unless they wanted to be 'walking dead'. The attitude was not helped with the tendency of her captain to be involved in away missions or otherwise be indisposed.

Vessel Configuration

The current configuration of the Thyanis is standard for its class. In the past she had been fitted with a slightly more well equipped sick bay to assist her mission profile but this was replaced by its standard configuration to allow the vessel to align to its multi-role profile in 2401. No particular compartment is favoured over another and while she is equipped with two generalist science labs, these facilities can be used simultaneously for different purposes. For example: Science lab 1 can be configured for astronomical survey's where as Science lab 2 can be configured for medical research.

Each science lab is configurable by the crew without the need for return to space dock; being stocked and equipped to perform a wide range of experiments and research. Preparing the science lab for a new field of study may require several hours to several days of setting up and calibrating the on-board equipment, but it is most certainly 'user serviceable'.

Warp Drive System

Thyanis is equipped with a standard Matter/Anti-Matter reactor for her size, capable of an unrestricted sustained velocity of Warp 8. Her maximum (safe) obtainable speed is Warp 8.85 for 12 hours.

In 2401, during her mission to the Deneb sector; Thyanis was forced to exceed this speed and managed to obtain a maximum velocity of warp 8.94. This was obtained without significant modification but caused severe stress damage to her hull and warp drive systems. This was also at the expense of having to override a number of failsafe's and safety protocols.

It is worth noting that this operation was only performed due to an unprecedented operational necessity and many of the failsafe's that were overridden at the time have now been re-designed to require dry-dock engineering equipment to bypass.

The intense heat generated from the warp matter reaction at these speeds was sufficient to weld her anti-matter injectors shut as they began to cool following an immediate warp core shut down. This made restarting the core impossible and required several injectors to be replaced in order to reinitialise a reaction.

While the Matter/Antimatter reaction could remain sustained after securing from such a high warp speed, it is highly likely that the injectors would have suffered heat stress beyond acceptable tolerance and for safety reasons, the injectors would have had to have been replaced before engaging the warp drive again regardless of whether the reaction was terminated immediately or gradually to allow time for adequate cooling and tempering of the alloys used in their construction.

Following her return to space-dock, the damage caused by this operation required a complete replacement of the Warp drive system, including all Matter/Anti-matter reaction components and a complete refurbishment of her warp coils, as many of them sustained micro fractures due to the stress of high warp flight.

Crew Transportation System

One rather unique design choice employed on the Thyanis is the complete lack of Turbo Lifts which are an over-complicated mechanism that would take up vast amounts of internal space. Instead Thyanis is equipped with 'Ladders' in various locations around the ship, these resemble very steep sets of stairs that were typical on contemporary Navy Warships of the 20th & 21st century. They are a simple and effective solution to allow access to all decks of the ship whilst maximising the internal space available for internal compartments and living quarters.

Deck plan (overview)

Deck 1 (From Bow to Stern)

Bold Denote Area only accessible via crawlspace & Jeffries tube

  • Escape Pods
  • Science Lab 1
  • Escape Pods
  • Science Lab 2
  • Escape Pods
  • Aft Sensor Suite

Deck 2 (From Bow to Stern)

Bold Denote Area only accessible via crawlspace & Jeffries tube

  • C.O. Ready Room
  • Main Bridge
  • Environmental Control
  • Portside Mess
  • Starboard Galley
  • X.O Quarters
  • Equipment Storage
  • Life Support Consumable Storage Tanks

Deck 3 (From Bow to Stern)

Bold Denote Area only accessible via crawlspace & Jeffries tube

  • C.O. Quarters
  • Sickbay
  • Hollo Suite
  • Anti Matter Storage
  • Warp Core (upper Level)
  • Deuterium Storage
  • Computer Core (upper Level)
  • Cargo Loading Dock
  • Shuttle Bay

Deck 4 (From Bow to Stern)

Bold Denote Area only accessible via crawlspace & Jeffries tube

  • Deflector Control
  • Torpedo Magazine & Launcher Tube
  • Brig
  • Crew Quarters
  • Forward Cargo Bay
  • Main Engineering
  • Computer Core
  • Transporter Room
  • Aft Cargo Bay
  • Crew Quarters

Deck 5 (From Bow to Stern)

Note: Deck 5 Is only accessible via Crawlspace and not all areas are routinely pressurised

  • EPS Power Buffers
  • Forward Sensor array
  • Subspace Transceiver
  • Forward Landing Gear
  • Forward Cargo Bay Doors & Elevator
  • Warp Core (Lower Deck)
  • Rear Cargo Bay Doors & Elevator
  • Aft Landing Gear

Notable Crew

Commanding Officers