USS Mackenzie

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USS Mackenzie
General Information
Registry NCC-14935
Class & Type Excelsior II-class Heavy Cruiser
Affiliation Starfleet
Status Active
Task Force Task Force 72
Task Group Task Group 21
Role Heavy Cruiser
Key Personnel
Commanding Officer Captain Wren Walton
Executive Officer Commander T'saath

USS Mackenzie is an Excelsior II-class heavy cruiser assigned to the Fourth Fleet under the command of Captain Wren Walton.

Ship History

The USS Mackenzie began construction in February of 2392 and was completed in December of 2394. Her shakedown cruise was on January 15th, 2395 and she was certified a month later on February 15th, 2395. She is named after Alexander Slidell MacKenzie, an officer in the United States Navy during the American Civil War. Many ships over the years have carried the name in honor of MacKenzie and his legacy. Her story has just begun.

Design and Layout

The Mackenzie was built to be a force for good in whatever theatre she was assigned. Her bridge is designed to function as a flagship for a higher-ranked officer if needed but also serve the day-to-day functions needed. The ship is able to engage saucer separation mode.

The Helm and Tactical Station

The Bridge

The bridge of the USS Mackenzie has been refit once in 2400 by Chief Engineer Katsumi Okada at the direction of Captain Harris. Two consoles were installed in the secondary command chairs and the lighting and carpet colors were changed. All chairs on the bridge are equipped with the latest restraints to ensure safety during turbulent situations.

The three rear Tactical stations

The helm and tactical stations are at the front of the bridge to allow for concentrated efforts between the two departments. The chairs are able to smoothly shift as needed.

The three consoles in the rear of the bridge behind the center command chairs are additional tactical stations that are manned during Red Alert scenarios where Battle Stations have been called.

Battle Bridge / Secondary Bridge

The Mackenzie Battle Bridge

The Mackenzie's battle bridge was designed to function as a full bridge and as such was modelled in a smaller ship's command center.

Main Engineering

For the Excelsior II ships, Engineering is less complex which allows for a smaller engine room. Much of the extensive core is hidden but accessible using Jefferies tubes. A master systems display is central to the room with consoles and stations on either side of the core. The Chief Engineering officer and Assistant Chief Engineer's office is adjacent to Main Engineering.

Main Engineering

Crew Mess

"Heart of the Mack"

The crew mess was known as "Heart of the Mack" as it was at the heart of the ship with massive windows looking out into space. The woman in charge of the "Heart" was Tennessee Tarkana a fifty year old woman who's retirement included enlisting with Starfleet to help run station bars and ship lounges. She is outspoken, unhinged, and unapologetic in everything she does. She came with the Mackenzie when Harris took command.

Officer's Lounge / Mess

The Officer's Lounge

The Mackenzie's Officer Mess is on Deck 1 for bridge and senior staff only. There's a cook assigned to the room and it is designed to be a place for the senior staff and bridge crew to wind down or simply relax. The large windows give a good view of the stars and it is generally a quiet place for study, relaxation, or a quiet game at one of the tables.

Operational History

The USS Mackenzie was assigned to Task Force 47 in October 2400 and operated in the Thomar Expanse. In February 2400 she is assigned to Task Force 72.

Back to Work

The newly promoted Captain Harris and his crew picked up various missions from 10.16.2400 to 10.31.2400.

Blood Dilithium

During the events of the Blood Dilithium situation in the Delta Quadrant, the Mackenzie was assigned to assist and support the sector from 11.1.2400 to 12.1.2400. Their missions are contained within the "Wayward Sons" mission file. During this time the Mackenzie and her crew experienced first-hand the brutality of the Delta Quadrant from the Devore Imperium, the Voth, and more.

The Island of the Damned

The crew is asked to assist the Palasa Transport Group with a situation that has them concerned enough to reach out to Starfleet. A mystery of Jade Dilithium and a prison planet form the mission, "The Island of the Damned".

The Last of Our Kind

The USS Mackenzie was moved to Task Force 72 and dispatched to search a sector of space with an odd signal. The mission "The Last of Our Kind" begins.

Support Craft

The Mackenzie is equipped in the following fashion.

Shuttlebays 2
Shuttles 10
Runabouts 2

The two Runabouts are New Atlantic. They are named Winona and New York.

The ten shuttles are:

  1. Type 14 Shuttle - Slidell
  2. Type 14 Shuttle - Alexander
  3. Type 14 Shuttle - Formosa
  4. Type 14 Shuttle - January
  5. Type 12 Shuttle - June
  6. Type 12 Shuttle - Hartford
  7. Type 12 Shuttle - Kenting
  8. Type 12 Shuttle - Rover
  9. Type 10 Shuttle - Sumter
  10. Type 10 Shuttle - Morris

Notable Crew

Commanding Officers

  • 2.15.2395-4.20.2400: Captain Alexandra "The Hammer" Pantuso
    • At the age of 65, she was given the chance to work on identifying weaknesses in the design for improvement in the model. She considered her work completed and retired from Starfleet at the age of 70 on April 20th, 2400.
  • 10.16.2400 - 02.05.2401: Captain Ambrose Harris
    • Promoted to Captain and reassigned from the USS Edinburgh. Dies on 02.05.2401, murdered by Devore Imperium Officer Pantheon.
  • 02.06.2401 - Present : Captain Wren Walton
    • Transferred from Starfleet Command