USS Lafayette

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"Oh, the places you'll go!"
    —Doctor Seuss - Ship's dedication quote

USS Lafayette is a Sovereign-class explorer assigned to the Fourth Fleet.


One of six Sovereign-class vessels completed at the end of the Dominion War, the USS Lafayette has seen a long line of service. While she wasn't chosen for direct cleanup activity, her role in the stabilization of the regions impacted by the war was extensive. Under Commander Galen Tyler, the Lafayette was directly involved in many diplomatic negotiations and relief efforts that help restore peace and normality.

Commander Tyler continued to sit in the center chair of the Lafayette long after she'd returned to normal duty, until an accident during an altercation with a band of Orion pirates left him critically wounded while trying to save his XO. Since then, the ship has had two other COs, earning distinction for the name as they continued to exhibit the finest in what the Federation has to offer.

Recently, the Lafayette has come into the command of Commodore Peter Cromwell for his final mission.


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The Lafayette is a fairly stock standard Sovereign-class. The only notable difference is a slight variation in where her engineering deck sits. The initial design but it on decks 11-13, but it was later determined that the power flow was more easily controlled if it was lowered to decks 14-17. She boasts the usual assortment of diplomatic chambers, meeting rooms, science labs, med bays, and armaments that are standard of the class, and is generally ready for any assignment. The Auxiliary Craft load out was slightly altered by Commodore Cromwell to be adaptive to the various types of situations that could arise in The Triangle.

Auxiliary Craft


  • Type-8 Shuttle craft x 2
  • Type-9A Cargo Shuttle x 2


  • Peregrine-class fighter x 4
  • Apsara-class bomber x 2


  • Danube-class Runabout x 4

Notable Crew

Commanding Officers