USS Fearless

From Bravo Fleet

Commissioned for Fearless after refit and reconstruction to an Excelsior II vessel.
""It is not about being fearless, it is about acting in spite of fear""
    —Veronica Roth - Ship's Dedication Quote

The USS Fearless, was one of several original Excelsior-class heavy cruisers still on active duty by the turn of the 23rd century. Still considered a staple starship of the fleet, capable of holding their own in galactic theater, the remaining Excelsior and Refit variations were marked for overhaul and conversion to Excelsior II-class specifications. The Fearless was the last to be converted after most were completed by 2399. To honor the unique evolution of the Fearless, a new registry number was assigned but no letters were given to mark a new class or vessel to carry the name. As a result, the ship displays two dedication plaques from both its original commission and that of its recommissioning in 2401.

Updated and modernized Fearless is prepared to return to fleet operations. Primarily in the role of support operations: customs inspection, patrol duties, ambassadorial and flag officer transport, and humanitarian aid; however, updates to weapons systems have allowed the class to retain its function as a heavy cruiser allowing the Fearless to function independently for pirate interdiction and other tactical operations.  

The crew is predominantly composed of recent academy graduates and recently enlisted personnel in technical training. The senior staff, handpicked by Captain Langston for their knowledge, skill, and mentoring qualities, are seasoned professionals and experienced instructors; many of whom are adjunct instructors.  

Design and Layout

The Fearless is a versatile “workhorse,” capable of almost any mission within Federation space due to ample space which can be easily converted for mission-specific objectives.

Notable Crew

Commanding Officers

  • Captain Harrington Weber – First Captain
  • Captain Ameliye Simon – Classmate of Benjamin Sisko
  • Commander Joseph Shabalala – First Officer to Ameliye Simon; Classmate of Benjamin Sisko
  • Phigus Simenon – Would later serve on the USS Stargazer
  • 2401 - Present : Captain Edmond Jermaine Langston