USS Elysion

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The USS Elysion is a Pathfinder-class Federation starship operating in the 24th Century. The Elysion currently serves in the Fourth Fleet’s Task Force 17. Currently she is under the command of Captain Jonathan Ransom.

Shipboard Life

Equipped with the latest technological advancements, including second-generation bio-neural circuitry, holographic projectors throughout the ship and an abundance of automated systems, Elysion's designers were able to dedicate an unusually high ratio of internal space to crew comforts.

The commanding and executive officers, and all department heads are assigned the largest-sized private quarters, with all junior officers and the command master chief billeted in smaller, but still individual accommodation. Senior NCOs are billeted in pairs, with a shared living area flanked on either side by a private sleeping area and head. Junior enlisted personnel are assigned to shared quarters containing four or six bunks with adjoining shared living space and head areas. Finally, Deck 4 contains a number of configurable VIP / Guest staterooms based on the footprint of the senior officer quarters.

In terms of recreation facilities, Elysion is well-equipped, with compartments dedicated to a mess-hall, port and starboard crew lounges, four holodecks, a gymnasium, an arboretum and "Forward on Seven" - an expansive lounge and bar facility, large enough to accommodate the entire crew simultaneously.

Support Craft

  • Amundsen Type-12 Shuttlecraft
  • Scott Type-12 Shuttlecraft
  • Casablanca Danube-class Runabout
  • London Volga-class Runabout

Notable Crew

Commanding Officers