USS Dragonfly

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USS Dragonfly
General Information
Registry NCC-83008
Class & Type Obena-class
Affiliation Starfleet
Status Active
Commissioned 2390
Task Force Task Force 72
Role Explorer
Key Personnel
Commanding Officer Captain Vidre Naris
Executive Officer Commander Samuel Malik
"I'm inspired by how dragonflies are both tough and fragile, fierce and mild."
    —Cindy Crosby -Ship's dedication quote


The USS Dragonfly symbolizes change, transformation, and adaptability in almost every part of the world. The Dragonfly, commissioned in 2390, was sent to the furthest regions of Federation space. Her mission: to assist in the rebuilding of war-torn systems and societies. Pushing further into the unknown, the Dragonfly represented a return to Starfleet’s golden age of exploration and diplomacy.

In 2400, the Dragonfly was reassigned to the Fourth Fleet’s Diplomatic Operations. Recently upgraded, the Dragonfly is a vessel to be seen while traveling Federation borders, visiting her allies, and doing the work necessary to rebuild. Under the command of Captain Vidre Naris, the Dragonfly continues her original mission parameters to further the ideals of the Federation through diplomatic and humanitarian efforts.

Design and Layout


Bridge for the USS Dragonfly / image credit: Tadeo D'Oria

The Main Bridge provides primary operational control for the Dragonfly at the top of the primary hull. It is located on Deck 1. The Main Bridge directly supervises all primary mission operations and coordinates all departmental activities. The bridge is a modular unit with the Dragonfly currently utilizing the standard Sovereign-class layout. Due to the nature of the business conducted on the bridge, access is limited to authorized personnel and those assigned to bridge duty.

Observation Lounge

Observation Lounge for the USS Dragonfly / image credit: Tadeo D'Oria

Aboard the Dragonfly, the observation lounge is used as a meeting place for the ship's senior staff and special events or informal gatherings. The room is decorated with various paintings, plants, and items depicting the Dragonfly's lineage.

Ready Room

Ready Room for the USS Dragonfly / image credit: Tadeo D'Oria

Managing a ship as large as the Dragonfly can be difficult. To facilitate this ease of administration, the Command Officers have a separate office in which to do their work. This area is directly off of the main bridge. The Ready Room, as it's called, can also be reached by turbolifts, for those visitors who don’t have clearance to enter the bridge.

Captain Naris has decorated her office with several items, including a picture of her daughter and of her deceased husband. In total the office space is rather sparse. Having just moved to the Dragonfly, Captain Naris hasn't personalized the space beyond a few pictures and a small plant that sits on her desk.

Sunspot Lounge

Main Loungefor the USS Dragonfly / image credit: Tadeo D'Oria

The Sunspot is located on deck 10, which is set on the forward edge of the primary hull. It has a very relaxed and congenial air about it; The Lounge is the only place on the ship where rank means nothing - "sir" need not be uttered when a person of lower rank addresses an officer, and everyone is on an equal footing. Opinions can be voiced in complete safety. This lounge is the social center of the ship. On the Dragonfly, the lounge is operated by Lon Tik.

Officer's Mess

Officer's Mess for the USS Dragonfly / image credit: Tadeo D'Oria

The Officer's Mess, formerly the Captain's Mess, is a space designated for the Senior Staff and invited guests to relax, unwind, and decompress from the day's events. The mess included the services of a steward, who brings the meals and drinks to the Officers. The room is also equipped with a standard replicator unit, holographic communications, and various items for entertainment.

On rare occasions, Junior Officers are invited as guests in recognition of their achievements.

Auxiliary Crafts

Type 12 Shuttle

  • Darner
  • Skimmer
  • Meadowhawk
  • Macromia
  • Phenes
  • Petairua
  • Anax
  • Aeshna

Volga-Class Runabout

  • Blue Dasher
  • Emerallds

Captain's Yacht

  • Devil’s Needle


Notable Crew

Commanding Officers